" Space is part of this vast universe "


Here I am not talking to you about one of the criminals of this mysterious universe, and I am not talking together about the dark place that we may not know from where it begins and where it ends, which is space.
Space is one of the largest galaxies in this universe, and it is the most beautiful for what we see. Space contains dozens of attractive planets that differ in their shapes and sizes
It also contains large numbers of beautiful stars and galaxies, and since we are going to touch on our topic, why Earth? Why is Earth the only one we can adapt to?
And let us make sure that the planet Earth is that point in a book because of its smallness, so why can it contain us when space cannot?
Now we will talk about not accepting any planet.
First: the temperatures that humans cannot adapt to, whether the planets are too hot or too cold
Second: Earth's gravity: In many planets, there is a great lack of planetary balance and gravitational pull.
Third / the lack of oxygen required in any other planet.
These are some of the reasons, and they may be very small reasons, but they have a huge impact, and in the end we have some questions below:
1 Do you think there are aliens?
2/Do you dream of becoming an astronaut? And why?

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  • enchanted_pineapple | Pointe South Middle School L | United States of America 08 Dec 2022

    The universe where light and darkness coexist is a space of creation where new things are made, and it is where unknown worlds beyond our imagination coexist.

  • glorious_sea | Pointe South Middle School L | United States of America 08 Dec 2022

    The vast surrounding space is called the Universe. Because the universe consists of stars, galaxies, milky way, planets, comets, meteoroids.