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The world is facing a lot of problems, some that we all share and others that are specific for certain cultures or parts of the world. An issue we can’t deny is the fact that at some point or other we'll all need healthcare. This is why we should all be concerned about doctor shortages. However, I know that different countries have different problems and some things I found out in our discussions were really surprising to me. The thing that surprised me the most was that countries like the UK and USA have their problems, because we consider these countries to be quite rich.

The different healthcare systems face problems because some do not pay their doctors enough, others don't have good or accessible enough education so becoming a doctor is next to impossible; some don’t have enough money to buy equipment or supplies, others don’t have enough doctors as it's seen as a difficult profession...so they can’t offer their patients the time they need.

There have been a lot of discussions about giving more money to the health system. But money is not always the answer. Or, if it is, you have to know how to use it. For example, poorer countries do not have doctors because students go to university and then they go to work abroad, in richer countries. This is how rich countries benefit, without spending their own money on training doctors. So a potential answer could be agreements between governments so that poorer countries are compensated. And richer countries should start training more of their own doctors instead of limiting the number of students for medical universities. This would also solve the problem of overwork. A lot of doctors feel they are overworked, which is why they quit their jobs. Having more doctors means shortening their working hours and allowing them to have a life.

In addition, there are people who miss their appointments. Some would think that it’s not an issue, but it actually is a waste of resources. People who waste doctors’ time should be fined.

Lastly, we pay taxes so that the quality of hospitals, doctors and nurses can increase. Maybe we should all pay more attention and vote for the politicians who are most likely to spend our money on the healthcare system.

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  • Volunteer Icon Merisha @ PA 06 Dec 2022

    What a well written standpoint. I especially like the phrase' money is not always the answer'. Throwing money at a problem normally results in a short-term fix but does not always address the systemic issue. Highly skilled medical workers may study in their home country and then permanently work abroad. This is an example of the term 'brain drain'. You suggest poorer countries could be compensated but what would you suggest that money is used for, as money does not immediately change the volume of medical skills or expertise available in the home country? What do you think about spending the money on the issues that may be causing people to leave the home country in the first place?

  • curious_contribution | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria 07 Dec 2022

    I do understand the point which you are making that money answers everything but everything does not answer money. Better health facilities can be built and more wages can be paid but the welfare of the doctors cannot be catered with money even if some people can say it can, the recognition and appreciation they deserve needs to be shown and felt not bought.

  • wise_banjo | Ormiston Bushfield Academy | United Kingdom 09 Dec 2022

    the future doctor report outlines how education and training might change to be better prepare our future doctors to meet population needs in a health care environment that i always involving in order to provide a clear picture of what the pubic expects from our future doctors HEE's future doctor program. covid 19 demonstrated how multidisciplinary.

  • great_song | Cheam Common Junior Academy | United Kingdom 09 Dec 2022

    I agree because all of the points you discussed have been really valid! This is a really good standpoint but I feel you could have added the point that many doctors just move to another country. Thank you for your amazing standpoint! It's been really entertaining and actually quite inspiring!

  • blithesome_engineer | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria 09 Dec 2022

    Not only voting politicians who will love to spend their money on health care system but also advice youths who study medicine on the advantage in staying in their country to work.

  • Volunteer Icon Valeria @ PA 09 Dec 2022

    This is a very interesting situation, I always thought "Be a doctors" was something that you felt, not something linked to money. However I'd like to raise the point where people shouldn't be forced to work long hours under pressure. The discipline should have some sort of enhanced benefits. What do you think?