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Comments (9)

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  • focused_planet | Rafah Prep A Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory 14 Nov 2022

    People are using the Internet a lot these days.
    Do you agree that the Internet is a virus that steals people's minds? Why
    and there is a saying that Means
    Internet Double-fices sword, explain the advantages and disadvantages of
    Internet, and How it helps damage society.

  • alert_apricot | Boutcher CofE Primary B | United Kingdom 17 Nov 2022

    There is so much wrong with getting to and planning of COP27.The point of COP events is to make aims for their countries, not add to the problem[climate change].

  • victorious_nectarine | Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss | India 18 Nov 2022

    Advantage: - It has helped many people with good typing practice, knowledge, communications, online payments so on.
    Disadvantage: - It affects lots and lots of people in this society. we think we get so close to each other on the internet, but we are just losing physical attraction toward people and mainly hacking, misusing

  • brilliant_tomato | Rafah Prep A Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory 18 Nov 2022

    I have commented on awesome _sea Alkhansaa Prep Co Ed School .concerning the bad effect of weather change on the extinction of grey whales.

  • active_tree | Futures Hurghada Language School | Egypt 18 Nov 2022

    About the Global Warming I think that everyone knows the reasons but the thing is that everyone from all over the world has to decide a solution that everyone has to work on so we can fix that climate change So I just want to here solutions that you think going to fix this kind of climate change.

  • allowing_harp | Lyons Hall Primary School E | United Kingdom 25 Nov 2022

    In my opinion its bad to show off your money because other people could use that money you dont use homeless people would use that money to live and survive . ilon musk could use his money to charity and are life s would be better and more happier for everyone . I think money should not be a thing and there only a small amount of food and drink so people are treated equal and ideas taken seriously like the common wealth . In my opinion it shouldn t be called that and it should be something less saying there better than non-alot off money .

  • blithesome_imagination | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria 27 Nov 2022

    People of nowadays in different parts of the world are now contemplating on how and where they want to acquire standard education and life experiences from, it is either a day school or a boarding school, but due to the recent happenings of corruptness affecting the school systems such as strikes, cultism, kidnapping, attacks from terrorists' groups and many more, then which system of schooling is more suitable at this point in time due to the recent negative happenings of the schools?, and why have you chosen this system of schooling?.

  • sociable_library | Lyons Hall Primary School E | United Kingdom 02 Dec 2022

    so people use the internet yeah. When we use the web, we learn things such as:

    A: web design. some people like posting videos online
    B: looking things up and learning facts
    C: the internet is the most reliable source of information
    Take my point seriously

  • reliable_moment | Rafah Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory 07 Dec 2022

    A person can respond to a comment, even if it is complete and does not need a response, by asking about one of the ideas contained in that comment and expressing his opinion that he agrees with this hadith or does not agree and mentions a reason for that and continues the conversation by asking about things related to it. With this topic, it is not necessary to delve into this topic, which will prolong the responses. It is an exciting and interesting question that makes everyone want to participate and respond .