Headline polls

Each week, take a class vote on a big question and find out what other Topical Talk students think too.


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January 19th: Who is more responsible for helping to reduce climate change?

Old people or young people?

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January 19th: Which of these ideas would have the most positive impact on schools in your country?

Ensuring all children can read by age 9, a teachers' bonus when students hit targetsor combining smaller schools into one big school?

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January 12th: Which daily numbers are the most important for governments to consider before they decide upon covid-19 rules?

Covid-19 cases, people with covid-19 or covid-19 deaths?


January 5th: Which news topic are you most looking forward to learning more about?

The pandemic, space races, sport and politics, the future of work, or travel trouble?

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December 15th: Which of these news stories will come up the most in 2022?

Vaccine passports, gaming regulations, democracy in Zambia or innovation in Iceland?

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December 8th: Is technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) a positive or negative thing for the future?

Or not sure?

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December 1st: "Gun laws in America should remain the way they are." How far do you agree?

1 - Strongly disagree

2 - Disagree

3 - Neither agree or disagree

4 - Agree

5 - Strongly agree

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November 24th: Whose responsibility is it to help the asylum seekers and migrants who are stuck in camps in Belarus?

Belarus, charities, the countries they came from or someone else?

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November 12th: Which of the following keywords is the MOST important for discussing coups in the news?

Democracy, power or fairness?

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November 5th: Each of the following are examples of how you can be more climate-friendly with food. But which are you most excited to try?

A: Eating insects

B: Reusing leftover food

C: Replacing meat with fungi