Climate change in court

This week, think about who is responsible for climate change and discuss a court case from the news.

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Start off by listening to this pretend court case. Imagine you are a member of the jury.

Topical Talk · Court case one

Who is responsible in this scenario? Remember, responsibility means when someone is accountable or to blame for something

  • Why is the shop owner responsible?
  • Why is the girl responsible?
  • Why are the police responsible?
  • Who else might be responsible? .

Should the girl be found guilty or not guilty?

Listen to the second pretend court case.

Topical Talk · Court case two

Can you think of examples of new evidence that would prove one person/group was the most responsible?

Try to think of an example of new evidence that would prove...

  • the toymaker was responsible
  • the boy was responsible
  • the parents were responsible
  • other people were responsible

Should the toymaker be found guilty or not guilty?

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You've warmed-up your listening skills and you've given great reasons. Now, explore a real court case about climate change that's been in the news. Head to the post below to find out more and share your opinion!