Cost of living crisis: inflation

This week, learn about what inflation is and how it affects people's standard of living.

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Welcome to the Learning Zone!

Have a go at this video challenge to learn about inflation.

STEP 1: Imagine that you are Person A

Person A = you run a successful business that employs hundreds of people. You and your family own several large houses and lots of expensive things.

Each month you earn 23 coins.

STEP 2: Watch this video from the perspective of Person A

STEP 3: Repeat the video imagining you are Person B and then Person C

Person B = you have a good job and live with your family in a comfortable house. You have some savings. You earn 16 coins each month.

Person C = you have a job which is very important for your family because you have no savings. You rent a house and don’t own many things. You earn 10 coins each month.

How does your experience of inflation change each time?