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The cost of living crisis means that prices have increased for everyone and people have less money to spend. There's lots of advice about how people should manage their money to make things easier, so we want to know:

What's your one tip for saving money?

What's your top tip for spending money?

For example...

  • My top tip for saving money is to use scrap paper when you want to do quick drawings or make notes, instead of buying a new notebook. This can be any paper that has already been used - the back of an old letter or a shopping receipt is perfect!
  • My top tip for spending money is to shop around. Don't buy something in the first shop - see if it's cheaper elsewhere.

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  • British Council.jpg quick_banana | Makini Academy | Kenya
    23 Jun 2022

    1. pack your own lunch it way cheaper to buy all the ingredients for a sandwich and make it yourself rather than buying an expensive sandwich from a restaurant , its also much healthier.
    2.Figure out What Habits Drain Your Budget, for example adults going out with their colleges or friends for drinks or when your with your friends and you try to impress them by buying something you cant afford. You should track down those habits and try to stop them from advancing further.

    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      quick_banana's comment 24 Jun 2022

      Great advice, quick_banana!

  • British Council.jpg amazing_reflection | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    24 Jun 2022

    However some people would say that the best way to save money is to stop buying luxuries or limit buying luxuries which is a pretty good idea, but I think what could be better is to save in food like instead of going to expensive restaurants to buy food, getting food ready in home that is made for the whole family is a lot more abundant and less expensive. For example, instead of making a huge table of chicken and salad and soda and fries and the sauce corresponding and a lot more just let it confined on some chicken with soda, or even spaghetti would be great.
    As a tip for spending money is to try to drift away from brands because they'll be much more expensive, you can look for some goods that aren't brands but are still good and they'll be a lot cheaper.
    Note: a tip for spending money is also an effective tip of saving money...

  • British Council.jpg mindful_raisin | Islamabad Model School for Girls (VI-X), I-10/4 | Pakistan
    24 Jun 2022

    My top tip for saving money is to use waste plastic or waste paper for decoration instead of buy from shop. Most peoples are fond of decoration so they buy from shop . So for saving money I give them this top tip by which they can make their favorite items or decoration pieces and also save their money.
    My top tip for spending money is when we are going to bazar for shopping first of all we make a list in which all items are mentioned that we want to buy. In this way we don't spend extra money in another things and we spend our money on listed things. In this way we spend our money as well as save a lot of money.

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom opinionated_mulberry | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    26 Jun 2022

    My top tip for saving money is a cash only budget. This is my top tip because it is easier to budget with cash and you wont get in to debt as there is no credit. This means you avoid fees and charges from your bank for going overdrawn etc. You could even budget the cash for one day so you know your not spending too much at once/in one day.

  • Ormiston Sudbury Academy crafty_peach | Ormiston Sudbury Academy | United Kingdom
    28 Jun 2022

    My top tip for saving money is to reuse any recyclable materials such as paper, cans, etc because you are not wasting materials as there is 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste and can save up anywhere between $3,000-$4000 per year just by simply recycling cardboard and paper which is a lot of money you can have to spend on food and bills(we use the big crisp bags for bins as it last longer and don’t want to waste money) Another top tip to save money is to visit all the shops to see the cheapest product that you don’t spend £10 on some milk but buy it in another shop where it could be like £2 on milk too.(for me I like Aldi better as it’s the worlds cheapest store of anything) and instead of using cars to places that is quick to get there you can walk there plus you are exercising your bones and you are burning calories and the best part is you are saving more than 50 cents per mile due to the expensive fuels. These are my tops tips in my opinion and I hope you use them too.-crafty_peach

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