Should schools decide what they teach?

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  • British Council.jpg majestic_moon | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    21 Jan 2022

    I said this because Because schools know the interests of the children more than the government, meaning they know what they must teach their students. The school is able to create a more conscious generation than the government, because the school knows what will develop children’s thinking and what will bring down their thoughts. Therefore, in my opinion, schools are more knowledgeable than governments in the interest of students"

    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Meghana @ Arup
      majestic_moon's comment 24 Jan 2022

      Hi majestic_moon, that is a good point on how schools understand the interests of their students and that they should be able to decide on their students' education. However, what are your thoughts on when students finish school like some may pursue further education or even get a job. How would we then address that education difference after school as there would be some essential topics that some students may have not covered in their school and some have?

  • British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    21 Jan 2022

    Should schools decide what they teach?
    of course not!
    Just imagining this thing would be wrong and unreasonable!
    Well from my point of view the rules are the basis for the success of things and the teaching rules say that all countries should learn the same curriculum!
    Well let's look at this thing "from a different angle."
    If every school in the country decided to teach its students something different from what they decided in the other school, it would be a dangerous thing for the student!
    If two students from different schools graduated and it was time to enter university, what would it be like?
    This student studied a customized curriculum and this is another curriculum!
    (They must be based on one platform!)
    Education is a human right!
    But in my opinion, for the school to decide what it teaches, this is a violation of a person's right to education, but it is an indirect violation!
    Curricula are among the most important foundations of the educational process on which the education of young people, the building of generations, and the formation of the collective identity of the members of society depend!
    Imagine that each school raises hundreds of students and builds its own generation in its own way! Or special education!
    Other than that in our reality and today requires finding solutions to the challenges that society faces - such as climate change, fluctuations in the global economy, the rise in the number of elderly people, the dangers of modern technology, epidemics, and mass migration!
    And we can solve all these things only through the unified curriculum they learned!

    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Samuel @ KPMG
      independent_technology's comment 25 Jan 2022

      Hi independent_technology, thanks for your comment. You mentioned that if every school in the country decided to teach its students something different from what they decided in the other school, it would be a dangerous thing for the student.

      Do you think this is always the case? There could be examples where governments have forced schools to teach specific curriculums which downplay some of the issues you mention like climate change for political reasons. In these instances would it be better for school and universities to teach their own, evidence based curriculums?

  • British Council.jpg determined_deer | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    21 Jan 2022

    I chose No because the individual schools must abide by what the government decides, because the government creates a common curriculum that is suitable for all. As for the individual schools, each curriculum is different from the other, and the individual schools are able to put their own ideas and beliefs that affect the students through them and educate them on the ideas that You want to plant it in them even if it is not healthy and correct.

    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      determined_deer's comment 24 Jan 2022

      Can you give some examples to better-explain your comment?

  • British Council.jpg fulfilled_peach | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    21 Jan 2022

    I said yes .
    I said this because it is true that the government has a good and correct opinion, but each school has its own decisions.”

  • British Council.jpg wondrous_flight | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    22 Jan 2022

    I said No

    I said this because The government cares about its people and knows what should be done and taught to students in schools, because it is the one who established its people and also it is the one who knows what its people do not want and what they want , and also it is the one who carries the capital from which textbooks, schools and teachers will work, and She also knows where the highest levels of students are and their protests against any subjects,so don't worry that the government will decide which subjects each student should learn. "

  • British Council.jpg openhearted_heart | School of Excellence Sector-23 Rohini | India
    22 Jan 2022

    I said No

    I said this because this will create a difference in what is being taught to the students of same age group but studying in different schools. Their knowledge will differ just because of different schools and for discussion on some topic a student need to find whether the other student of different school is aware about it or not despite being of the same age .

  • British Council.jpg jubilant_spring | Lake Bank Pioneer Preparatory | Tunisia
    22 Jan 2022

    I said No
    I said this because I think that everybody, whether students in individual schools or other, should study the same thing so that they're will be no difference between them. So if they want to change anything it should be for everyone.

  • British Council.jpg impartial_lute | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    22 Jan 2022

    I voted in favor (No), in my opinion, individual schools should follow the government with what it teaches to students, because the goal of unified education is to create a united, conscious generation that develops for its country and its people.
    In order for it to be easy for cooperation between all schools, the curriculum must be unified.
    Because the students who will study in individual schools and government schools are the future generation and they must be united under one system and curriculum so as not to cause disputes between them in the future over who is the best
    I know that the purpose of individual schools is to be distinct and different from the government in order to attract students, but there are positive ways that do not affect this way, and they are:
    1) That individual schools add teaching materials and curricula, such as (teaching languages, swimming, etc.) to the government curricula.
    2) The diversity of schools in the ways they teach students
    But in order for the desired and desired generation to emerge, it must be the curriculum is unified and integrated

  • British Council.jpg reliable_construction | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    23 Jan 2022

    Yes, I agree with this, as the diversity of the materials provided by the schools, if they are useful and valuable, will benefit the students and vice versa. Thus, we will build an educated, educated and strong generation that has freedom of opinion and is active in social life as well.

  • British Council.jpg radical_beetle | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    23 Jan 2022

    I said No

    I said this because Because if each is taught separately, an unacquired generation will produce all the primary information, and there will be a difference in information and opinions, and chaos will reign in the country in the future."

  • Cheam Common logo talkative_revolution | Cheam Common Junior Academy | United Kingdom
    23 Jan 2022

    I said Yes. I said this because Teachers obviously know what their students need help with, and, using this information, can build a personalised curriculum for their school. However, the government has a set curriculum for pupils up and down the country who may have different needs and capabilities. A personal curriculum is very flexible, unlike the ones that the government set out.

    1. avatar.jpg Natalie @ Arup
      talkative_revolution's comment 15 Feb 2022

      Great points! What about a compromise where the government set the broad topics which need to be covered, but the teachers can have more flexibility with what they cover? Do you think this could work?

  • British Council.jpg smart_glacier | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    23 Jan 2022

    I said Yes

    I said this because In light of the spread of Covid 19, the epidemiological situation varies from one region to another in the same country There is no doubt that following the instructions issued by the state to limit the spread of diseases is very necessary But it is possible for some schools to adopt individual cases and practices that help in communicating information in one way or another to ensure better access to information for students, taking into account the individual, health and social differences."

  • Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg stupendous_volcano | Upton Cross Primary School | United Kingdom
    23 Jan 2022


    I said this because schools should use their own knowledge to identify the key problems in the school, for example, writing. This will allow them to improve the majority of the students and allow them to be capable of many things that they originally struggled on. If they follow the governments curriculum, the under-developed students wont be able to improve, they will move onto a whole new subject. Additionally, there are many schools who have different strengths and weaknesses, and they should work around it by identifying the problems and focusing on it."

  • British Council.jpg caring_personality | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    24 Jan 2022

    I choose No, because if school want to choose what they teach and deviate from the government's decision, they will.
    1_ There will be chaos is school and scattering throughout society.
    2_ There is no spirit of competition in the students and there will be laziness on their part.
    3_ It is difficult to teach when leaving the same school because not all students will have the same level of knowledge.
    4_ Teaching will be fragile because students will look for the school where to teaching is easier.
    Staying under government decisions in creases cohesion among students in terms of competition and students' desire to get the highest grades and increases the educational level.

  • British Council.jpg wondrous_flight | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    25 Jan 2022

    I said No
    I said this because
    1- The government knows what is best for its society and for its development
    2- So that there is no distraction in the minds of students in schools and universities
    3- So that society is founded on specific laws and rules
    4- Because this will make the society lazy if the schools decide, because people will go to the cheapest and easiest schools
    5- So that the generation grows up understanding, develops the world in the future and does not differ in its decisions"

  • British Council.jpg efficient_explanation | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    25 Jan 2022

    I said (no)
    In the beginning, if schools were to choose their own curriculum, there would be no parliament or education ministry..!
    Schools in private educational institutions must adhere to the curricula and books decided by the Council in the basic education stage as a minimum, and they may (increase) them.
    That is, they can give students more information about the curriculum. This is the best thing the teacher can do, but at the same time it is included in the curriculum!
    But that they define this curriculum is not acceptable because governments or the ministry in general are more knowledgeable in the interest of the student, and if every school had a special curriculum, the parents would not have sent us to schools to teach us. They can simply teach us!!

    And every educational institution trains the student on any kind of knowledge or skills without being restricted to an age or a specific period!
    That is, they can give him such enrichment training to provide his information and techniques!

    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      efficient_explanation's comment 25 Jan 2022

      You have very strong opinions, efficient_explanation - and you have explained them very well! Now could you challenge yourself and try to explain why someone might disagree with you?

  • Cheam Fields logo articulate_rock | Cheam Fields Primary Academy A | United Kingdom
    25 Jan 2022

    I said Yes

    I said this because then, they can specialise in specific subjects so, for the students, they will have more of a choice because when they decide what school they go to, they can at the same time choose a school with a subject that they like.

    1. avatar.jpg Natalie @ Arup
      articulate_rock's comment 15 Feb 2022

      Do you think it would be difficult for the government to set national exams if students are all taught different things at school?

  • British Council.jpg steadfast_woodpecker | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    25 Jan 2022

    I said Yes

    I said this because Private schools are considered more innovative in methods of education, as they have devised attractive methods of education through the good qualification of their teachers through the use of advanced and computerized programs that enable students to make maximum use and among the important features of their teachers are that they are more receptive to the opinions and advice of parents about their children regarding their education and abilities Taking into account their needs and I think they can decide what to study"

  • British Council.jpg fulfilled_peach | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    26 Jan 2022

    1 → “Individual schools should decide what they teach, rather than follow what the government says.” Yes, individual schools do not have the right to make decisions related to the school, but with our respect for the government that holds public opinion, and because there are about 9% of school students aged 13-18 who study in (private) boarding schools. Therefore, the government cannot object to private schools, and vice versa. Therefore, we can say that private schools can teach like other schools.

  • British Council.jpg convivial_vegetable | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    26 Jan 2022

    I said yes, I think, because schools must decide what they teach, because it is right to have a good and correct opinion, but each school has its own decisions

  • British Council.jpg fulfilled_measurement | Khan Younis Prep A Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    26 Jan 2022

    I said Not sure.

    I said this because I don't think it's a good idea for the government not to be listened to about making decisions, because in the end they only want the best interests of the students, but it might be a good idea because many schools have many ideas that can be useful in teaching.

  • British Council.jpg compassionate_bassoon | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    26 Jan 2022

    I chose “I am not sure” because there are pros and cons in the matter of schools deciding what they teach, because most things in life have pros and cons.
    First of the pros:

    First: it gives students the opportunity to decide what they like to study and what they do not like. When a student is studying the subject he loves, you see him making every effort to succeed in it. Or when he hates the subject, he neglects it and does not care about it, so he fails in it, when schools decide what their students learn according to what They like how students work hard in their lessons, succeed and become an educated generation.

    Second: According to what we learn, government curricula are very difficult. I mean, they do not care about innovation, creativity or innovation, they just know that there is a curriculum and students must finish it, they do not think is this difficult for students? Or did the students understand this curriculum? When schools decide what to teach, their goal is for students to understand the curriculum, to study the subjects they love, and to give students an interest in creativity and innovation.

    Secondly, the negatives

    First: It is difficult when a student grows up to find a suitable university for what he has learned, because his system of education has changed, so he finds it difficult to adapt to the university system, and this may lead to failure because it is difficult for a person to adapt to something and then comes He has a new system.
    Second: The government curriculum is comprehensive on everything we must learn in life or we must have heard about it and have an idea about it, but when the school decides what we learn, we will miss a lot of things that we must learn in life. The government has more experience in the interest of students than experience schools.
    Third: They distract the students and are unable to settle on a specific matter, and prepare themselves for the fact that everything in life is a choice and there are no homework or obligations.

  • Graveney-logo-250x250.jpg astounding_camel | Graveney School | United Kingdom
    26 Jan 2022

    I said Yes

    I said this because then they can cater for specific students, such as those with special educational needs.

  • British Council.jpg jolly_honeyberry | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    26 Jan 2022

    Well, the government is responsible for administering the curricula, and it is more knowledgeable than the school itself in the interests of the students, as it brings together all educational and moral angles, unlike private schools. Thinking of them all? Of course it will be different and this creates some problems at school

  • Bruntcliffe-logo-250x250.jpg lively_seahorse | Bruntcliffe Academy | United Kingdom
    02 Feb 2022

    I believe that schools should not decide what they teach because it would not be beneficial to the students. If teachers decided and picked all of the curriculum and didn't let students have a say in what they would like to do it wouldn't allow them do the job career they desire.

  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg amusing_honeyberry | Boutcher C of E Primary School B | United Kingdom
    09 Feb 2022

    No, because everyone would be learning completely different things. I personally don't think that this would make any sense . What if my friend that doesn't go to the same school as me started talking about loads of random things that I have no idea about.

  • British Council.jpg kind_cymbals | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    22 Feb 2022

    The Ministry of Education is one of the ministries affiliated to the government, so I think that schools educate children and generations based on a well-studied and systematic educational policy.

  • British Council.jpg secure_mood | Kfarhatta Secondary Public School | Lebanon
    01 Mar 2022

    Well I find it confusing to answer such a question, so the best solution goes for 'yes and n0' and that's because of the benefits and drawbacks the idea has.
    Getting started from the benefits, in some places it's more righteousness to let schools choose what to teach which will assist students by giving them the informations they should know in daily life. However, what schools decide to teach give more possibilities for students to be more productive and creative in their areas and that will be as a result of the general informations they have which will let them feel more confident to search in any global conservations. On the other hand, letting students choose what they want to learn would show their proficiency since they well be doing what they love, when students studies the subject they love they will work in a very good way and by much effort, while when they are forced to do and study HomeWorks and subjects they don't want too they will fail leading to lack of self esteem and psychological problems since student will think that the problem is from them and they will get hurted by what teachers and their friends would say about them , not knowing that the problem is from the education curriculum and the way for teaching.

  • Cheam Fields logo content_badger | Cheam Fields Primary Academy A | United Kingdom
    15 Mar 2022

    I said not sure,
    I said this because if the teachers know what the children need to improve on, why should the government be the ones to say that they have to move on from the subject? Teachers know what is best for them and they will be capable of helping. For example, if you are preparing to do a test at school, the teachers should be allowed to give the kids a hint of what kind of questions will be there. Otherwise, they will not do very well on it. If the government choose what the teachers have to teach then, the children will not get to improve on whatever subject they need to be better at. Also, when they choose what we have to learn, we might not understand it very clearly and might not do very well. From this, they will not understand the topic before and will be left perplexed."

  • British Council.jpg quiet_rainforest | State Experimental Basic 2 School | Ghana
    20 Mar 2022

    School does not decide what to teach because a student might be carried away by his or her career work like being a Pilot, Doctor or an Engineer does not need to learn some of these subjects so a might think one of its students is bad in it's academic work and may be ignoring that student but he or she is good at other subjects finding it hard to his academic work is bad drop out of school.
    If they are to teach other subjects it will help they in there daily activities like travelling through ICT you can understand their language with phones and others.
    Teaching varieties of subjects may be a being to students who it difficult to learn.
    So for me it should be the childs choice to in his or her own way so it may help them in future.

  • Cheam Fields logo excellent_solution | Cheam Fields Primary Academy A | United Kingdom
    29 Mar 2022

    I said No
    I said this because certain schools if they do chose what lessons they have some of them will come up with ideas that aren't going to help their students if they take the core subjects such as maths and English so they should stick to what the government tell them to do so there children get the right education for their children and don't get rid of the core subjects such as maths English and reading"

  • Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom outspoken_coyote | Cardinal Langley RC High School |United Kingdom
    16 Jul 2022

    I think they should get to because is they let the kids do so they will just choose not educational ones and fun ones but the schools balance this so they can grow up and get a better job and live a good life so the schools like giving them education but they also want them to Have fun while doing their work and just enjoying their time there.

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