Russian journalist arrested for speaking out against propaganda

On Monday, Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova appeared on a live TV news programme to protest against the war in Ukraine.

According to the BBC, She was arrested under a new law that bans calling Russia's military action in Ukraine an "invasion" or spreading "fake news" about the conflict. However, she was not spreading fake news - she was trying to tell people about the lies in the propaganda from the Russian government.

Russian television news is controlled by the government and it is rare to see someone speak out with their own views.

On Tuesday, Ms. Ovsyannikova's lawyer, Pavel Chikov said: "Marina Ovsyannikova has not yet been found. She has been imprisoned for more than 12 hours."

In a pre-recorded video, she had said:

"I'm ashamed that I allowed myself to tell lies from the television screen. Ashamed that I allowed Russians to be turned into zombies," she explained. "We just silently watched this inhumane regime." Read more here.

UPDATE: Marina Ovsyannikova has since been released after with 30,000 rouble (£214; $280) fine. Hear what she had to say here.

Your question: if you had the chance, what would you say to Marina Ovsyannikova? Why?

Think about what do you think would be important for her to hear.

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  • Cheam Fields logo articulate_rock | Cheam Fields Primary Academy A | United Kingdom
    15 Mar 2022

    I would tell her that she should carry on telling the truth because if other people get a chance to see what president Putin is doing, than maybe they will not listen to him anymore.

    1. avatar.jpg James @ KPMG
      articulate_rock's comment 15 Mar 2022

      Can you think of other examples of people who, by speaking out or by civil disobedience, have been put in prison?

  • British Council.jpg determined_brain | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    First, I say that she is an honest and daring person because she said the word of truth and was not afraid of the government’s dominance and penalties for her and her view was towards humanity that was more priority than anything. Innocent, bored, and about the safety of children shaken by the bombings of those indifferent planes. You worked to spread security and peace, which should be first, because you said the truth and your conscience is clear now, so be confident that the truth is what makes you happy, no matter the circumstances. As for my reason for saying this is that I always love to speak the truth and help the oppressed, and I cannot see injustice and if I stand silent no matter the cost, I will not care about it as you did. I thank you and I hope that you will return to your life safely. Humanity is the highest lofty meanings.🤷‍♀️💙🦋

    1. avatar.jpg Nga @ KPMG
      determined_brain's comment 16 Mar 2022

      Thanks for the comment determined_brain! As you said, telling the truth clearly has a price and in this case that price could very be significant as the event unfolds. What do you think has triggered the journalist to make the appearance on Monday and not earlier, even though she admitted that she has been telling lies on TV for quite sometime?

  • British Council.jpg great_concept | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    I think that the press, or even any human being, should have freedom of opinion. This cannot be described as an attack on the state in any way.
    She could have had her own freedom of opinion, but not on a screen for the whole world to see. She should have been somewhat conservative and patient as well.
    As for the matter of Russian propaganda, there is some lying about it. There is no dispute. The Russian government cannot describe this military operation as an "invasion."
    Is it a movie or what?
    In the end, she should have freedom of expression.

    1. avatar.jpg James @ KPMG
      great_concept's comment 15 Mar 2022

      Thank you for your comment, great_concept. You refer to freedom of opinion, but part of her message was "they are lying to you here". As you yourself recognise, the Russian state and media is lying, so that statement was factual, not an opinion.
      When do you think that an opinion or a fact should not be stated publicly?

  • British Council.jpg inspired_cherry | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    I will first tell her that she is brave and deserves appreciation for her boldness in her words, not everyone is able to do that, especially if it is a punishment for that.
    I will tell her to keep her safe and secure, that is what is important.
    As for the propaganda, we know that this propaganda is false and that Russia is deceiving and saying that it is innocent and persecuted, but sooner or later the truth will be revealed, and Russia will bear the consequences of its actions, and remorse will not benefit it in anything.

  • British Council.jpg involved_trombone | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    Marina Ovsianikova was forced when she lied in front of the TV because the Russian government arrests anyone who says what is going on about the invasion of Ukraine or express their opinion. If I were instead of Marina, I would say the same story for fear On my life and myself, but when I admitted the mistake I did and recorded this thing in a video and posted it, I made others dare to do the same and talk about what is happening in Ukraine and the humanitarian system they are doing to people strong marina This can only be skipped. You must know that she is a role model for others, and she gave them the courage to speak, and they do not have to watch silently and remain silent about what is happening.

  • British Council.jpg inventive_significance | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    Thank you very much, Marina; Because you revealed to us the truth about the Russians.
    If Marina had told the truth, Russia would certainly be guilty of what is happening now.
    Why would Marina be arrested if she said false news? The Russians would not care if it was false, but because she said the right thing, they arrested her.
    I saw a video while browsing the Internet about Mr. Putin’s briefcase. It is a very important bag to the extent that it is in a room that is guarded by a large number of guards. It is the only one that can control the Russian weapons and weapons, and no one knows the password for the bag except Putin, his minister and the head of the Russian army. Was it leaked? The password for the briefcase from one of the journalists will be arrested?
    If Marina was a liar, her publication would not be taken into account, and she would say something unbelievable.
    If Marina was a liar, her publication would not be taken into account, and she would say something unbelievable.
    I hope Marina is well, for she only spoke the truth. May God protect the Ukrainian people from the brutality of the Russians.

  • British Council.jpg inventive_significance | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    Don't worry dear Marina, everything will be fine.
    The Russian government has made it clear to everyone that it is wrong, because anyone who commits a crime or a wrong act will try to hide the evidence, and Marina was the evidence of the Russians' crime, but everything you said, my dear, was right, so do not be afraid because the truth will appear soon. Be brave.

  • British Council.jpg determined_brain | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    I start by saying that my letters are unable to write to you everything I tried. I did not see anyone with your courage in the face of opposition to a government like the Russian. I congratulate you for telling the truth and the victory of the oppressed. Right and injustice, we live in a world that enables fear and terror to enter our hearts and control our feelings and decisions, but you broke this fear and supported the oppressed, even if they were from the other side. You did not care about races and identity, but you made humanity a priority above all. From destruction and follow your courage, approach them and restore their minds and think that this is the right thing, and the reason is that the truth is always victorious, and I am not afraid of strength and number, but victory comes from faith.🙏🤷‍♀️🦋

  • British Council.jpg artistic_context | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    I would say, stay stong Marina!
    You have said the truth and nothing but truth! Do not give up and trust your beliefs and abilities to change and to say a word that many Russains do not dare to say it!
    Do not regret what you have admitted, you are so brave as you revealed the truth and stand infront of the cruelty of the your government. Despite of arresting law, still they are coward and you the caregious heroine in this sad story.
    Do not be upset and ne stable and do not change your opinion even it coasts your life because freedom deserves all that and saying the truth is a must that all the journalists in Russia have to stick to. Marina, do no hesitate to speak up and do not be afraid to face the lies and illusions in your country. You prove to the whole world that Russia is committing a crime by taking the decision of the war, you unmasked the givernment and embarassed the tyrant regime. Keep going and most of the wise people are with you, be sure that you are doing the right thing and even the most right thing in your life.
    If you are physically prisoned, you are free in your thinking and beliefs.

  • British Council.jpg authentic_bird | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    When you allow me the opportunity to meet her, I will tell her why you stood against your people with the Ukrainian people. If whatever they did to you, your people should stand with your people, because it is your hometown and the place in which I was raised and my nationality You must have belonging to the homeland, so why do you stand against your people?

    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      authentic_bird's comment 15 Mar 2022

      Should you expect someone to be loyal to their government, even if the government is spreading lies? Couldn't you argue that Marina is being loyal to her people to help them understand the truth?

      1. British Council.jpg authentic_bird | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 15 Mar 2022

        No, but the homeland is like the mother. If there is a problem between the mother and another person, she will stand with your mother, for sure, despite her badness, but we will not forget her courage and high morals because of telling the truth.

  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    I tell her that she is an example of courage, and that your courage is different, and your choice of the news bulletin and the most watched channel was a successful choice because the news is followed by many Russians, and it will appear to them and will affect them. They cannot do that, and it also encourages many to rebel against the opposition and tell the truth. Here I think that you are setting an example for many oppressed girls from the state to do this, and encourage the female element to show the word of truth without fear... Do you think we will find someone like you in the coming days?? ?

    1. avatar.jpg Nga @ KPMG
      aware_painting's comment 16 Mar 2022

      Thanks for your thoughtful post aware_painting. I agree with you that Marina Ovsyannikova is a great example of courage. Why do you think her action will encourage oppressed girls from the state to stand up but not a wider general public?

  • British Council.jpg grateful_map | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    Incredibly brave and bold .
    Her statement is very beautiful in her courage, intelligence, passion and eloquence .
    I am sure that she speaks for many Russians and does it in a way that greatly honors them and their desire to end Putin's horrors.
    She really is a heroine in her own way.
    I hope the Russian people will stop this nightmare as unfair to the general population of Russia as it is to the rest of us.
    If Russian people don't stand up for themselves, no one will. Putin doesn't care about their future. All he sees is saving his face from a failed war. If they don't start acting like Marina, they will go down in history as Putin's passive victims. Following blindly into doom.

  • British Council.jpg amiable_imagination | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    The great Marina.....
    you made me feel hopeful, and that the Russians were not the ones who wanted war, and you proved to me that my words are true when I said “Putin’s goal in this war is political and not for the benefit of his people.”
    There are many people in this world who are on fire like you, and they want to tell the truth. , but Russia has prevented any interference or any mediation or assistance, I want to tell you:

    We are all like you, we just watch the bitter truth and we are unable to do anything, and if we do, it will make worse matters, Russia does not intend peace or a peaceful solution at all, what do we do for you Hey Putin? What lies left to hear from you? If I was confident that what you are doing is correct and that there will be no revolution against you, I would not you blur the truth....
    Russia uses the method of threat and concealment of the truth, whether it is against its people or the world or even threatening Ukraine,
    Marina: Write everything that you prevented from saying in a paper, and do not reveal it to put Yourself in danger, because after the war is over, there will come a day when you will be safer, because we will all be to protect you , then the truth will triumph. I believe in brave people like you, and remember my grandmother’s words “whoever dug a pit for his brother fell into it.” Russia will fall into the pit of its injustice, lies and war on Ukraine, and its people and the world will turn against it if it continues this injustice and lies...

  • British Council.jpg inventive_analysis | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    15 Mar 2022

    I would tell her not to be afraid to tell the truth and she should look for more people to join her in telling the truth. because some of the things that has been said by Russians are lies and then we need someone who is brave and can stand up for the truth.

  • British Council.jpg constructive_moth | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    15 Mar 2022

    It would be an honour for me to meet Marina Ovsyannikova because I know that there are just a handful of honest reporters still out there in the world. If I had the chance to meet her, I would say.....

    "Dear Marina,
    I am at a loss of what to say as I am on the brink of tears. You remind me very much of some brave Nigerians in my country who came out to protests against the Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS) that was established to fight robbery in Nigeria and were attacked. SARS has long been known for its harassment, assaults, killings and police brutality. In October 2020, there was a movement against SARS. Within a few days of protests,(on the 11th of October 2020) despite all the challenges they faced, SARS was disbanded and it was replaced by SWAT. So my dear Marina, please do not give up and take heart because everything that is done is done for a purpose. I am assuring you that your impact is felt. Whenever you are faced with tough challenges, always remember that your power is your radical self and that there are people that support you and what you are doing."

  • HUB LOGO TEMPLATE (6).jpg perceptive_goat | Gunnersbury Catholic School | United Kingdom
    15 Mar 2022

    I believe that any person has the right to have their voice heard, and speak and do what they they think is right, especially in dark times. The main problem in Russia is that Russian civilians believe their government's propaganda, and no one in Russia dares to doubt it. It takes very brave people who are loyal to their country to free a nation from its government's propaganda.

  • British Council.jpg incredible_trumpet | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    15 Mar 2022

    Loving Miss Marina Ovsyannikova even though you may not be reading this right now it is important to know that your brave act has caused a positive uproar in the whole world seeing that you where determined to speak against your country's wrong doing knowing it will liberate and save innocent lives and may cost you your freedom. Even though you may be scared just know your are not alone most especially because a lot of people especially women and young girls like me are praying for you to return safely, you have given me hope that whatever profession I venture into telling the truth would definitely get me punished or haters but despite that women like you and hopefully me one day have proven that women can be known for saying the truth and standing for what is right, we would be known for integrity.
    I would not lie to you and tell you everything is going to be okay because you may likely get punished by serving jail term or even face the ultimate price but after every storm there is a calm and even if the clouds are heavy there would be a silver lining at the end. Having hope and standing firm is the best you can do, who knows if this is just a test to take you to greater heights being honest is a rare quality but as a woman it is even harder, I have said almost everything I know but a wise person once told me " when there is life, there is hope even if you are the odd one in the crowd just know that you have been set apart for a reason either to bring change or to be changed"
    It would really be a privilege that you get to read this after you have been freed because this is a letter to miss Marina Ovsyannikova and other women facing the same issue. #womenshouldhaveavoice#freemarina#nomorebias.

    1. avatar.jpg Nga @ KPMG
      incredible_trumpet's comment 16 Mar 2022

      Thanks for your sincere comment incredible_trumpet. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that girls and women can have a hard time to stand up and tell the truth. Can you say a little more as to why this is a perception?
      Also, if it were a male journalist that did what Marina did, how differently do you think the world would react and what would happen to him?

      1. British Council.jpg incredible_trumpet | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
        Nga @ KPMG's comment 17 Mar 2022

        Firstly most times women have problems voicing out the truth especially in my country where we are regarded as snitches and whistle blowers even if it happens to be the truth they may feel we are not minding our business or we are pock nosing into affairs that is not our concern. On some very rare occasions they will say we are acting out of emotions and being to mushy so yes its harder for women especially with the fact we are the ones who tend to be more honest.
        The second question, the answer is obvious that the male would be treated better even though he may be arrested but the conditions would be made to favour him and he may come out and compromise the truth but since the government knows that she would not compromise makes it easier and gives room for the government to use force rather than dialogue that would have been done with a male.

        1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
          incredible_trumpet's comment 17 Mar 2022

          Thank you for sharing this, incredible_trumpet. What could be done to protect these whistle-blowers that you mentioned from getting into trouble?

  • British Council.jpg champion_elephant | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    15 Mar 2022

    If I ever had a chance to meet Miss Ovsyannikova, I would let her know that she has done the right thing and that she has my support if no one else is willing to stand by her. I would also tell that she is someone every normal person would want to look up too. I say this because she has done something that none of her colleagues were able to do and for the fact she is a woman it signifies that women aren't really irrelevant and weak; they too can be as brave as men, even braver if you ask me.

  • British Council.jpg authentic_bird | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    Of course, we do not forget her courage in telling the truth, but the homeland remains a homeland. For example, if the mother is in trouble with a good person, but the mother is bad, she will stand with your mother for sure, despite her badness, not with the other person. This is how the homeland

    1. avatar.jpg James @ KPMG
      authentic_bird's comment 15 Mar 2022

      If I understand you correctly, you are saying that she has been courageous, but she should support her homeland, like a person standing by their mother, even if the mother is bad.
      Firstly, I understand that one of Marina Ovsyannikova's parents is Russian and the other is Ukrainian. Would that affect your opinion?
      Secondly, do you stand by your homeland or your mother no matter how badly they behave?

  • British Council.jpg communicative_mulberry | State Experimental Basic 2 School | Ghana
    15 Mar 2022

    First I will thank Marina for telling us the truth.
    I will like to tell Maria to be brave an d not lose hope because they can't kill her for spre

  • British Council.jpg communicative_mulberry | State Experimental Basic 2 School | Ghana
    15 Mar 2022

    Am sorry please am continuing here: Spreading fake news.
    But my question is why arrest her if she is spreading fake news. If you have arrested her then it means what she is saying is right.

    1. avatar.jpg James @ KPMG
      communicative_mulberry's comment 15 Mar 2022

      There is a new Russian law. If you spread fake news (the Russian state can decide what is fake news) then you can be sentenced to prison for up to 15 years.

  • British Council.jpg helpful_flower | Duheusheh Girls Basic School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    Marina has told us the truth, but it is certain that there is a plan about all this and that the Russian minister was lying and he was wrong and she
    She explained to us what really happened
    We thank her
    And I don't see it as wrong to believe what the Russian minister says because
    We have trusted him, and this is a big mistake. We must go in and read
    All sites that may be published on this topic
    Let's make sure of the Russian minister's words, and if all the channels and sites published are the same topic, his words will remain true, and if we do not find that he is
    All channels have the same answers, topic and information. He is lying, but will all channels agree that they are lying?
    But fortunately, Marina discovered this lie, and we thank her.

  • British Council.jpg nice_coconut | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    Marina, you should be the ideal person for every Russain journalist and citizen. You spoke the reality not being afraid of the regime or the punishment. You are the model for the free voice of Russia. Nothing can stop you from saying the truth, do not fear the regime or laws. I think your determination is stronger than the government. If there is a well, there is a way, so you should not stop fighting the lies of the dominant regime. You can do alot and you are not alone!
    Never thing to back off, instead think of another way to win and share other Russians' the reality you have reached! You are so real.
    Keep going!

  • British Council.jpg dynamic_peach | Ramallah Basic Girl School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    Do not feel any shame, be confident in yourself and be proud of your country, and do not take the opinion of others if you are confident in yourself

    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      dynamic_peach's comment 16 Mar 2022

      Do you think it is hard to be proud of your country if you think your government is lying to its people?

  • British Council.jpg determined_brain | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    I start by saying that you did a wonderful and brave job from my point of view if not from everyone's point of view. You are characterized by the humanity that is absent from the hearts of the indifferent who are only interested in control, influence and rule. Mahatma Gandhi said, “In the midst of a lie, the truth will persist.” And you told the truth and were not afraid of threats and punishments. Again, you will find that the truth is weeping for what was the source of your joy.” This is what they are doing in the war now, or in particular Putin is doing. You have become a role model for many children. Children are not uttering the truth. You have now become a revolutionary against injustice and aggression, and you have broken the rule that belonging to the country means blind imitation of it. You have championed the truth and done what others could not do. .

  • British Council.jpg brilliant_tree | Ramallah Basic Girl School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    I want to tell her:
    Go on, you are in my eyes and we all are heroic and brave, it is enough that you tell the truth and do not lie, unlike people, some people when their interests come and something benefits them, they do everything related to lying and worse, and also wrong for their interests, because we are, and unfortunately, we are in a world Everyone pursues his interest and lives in the best condition, but he does not care what the rest live because of saying the word of truth, he is comfortable because he does nothing but benefit and take what he wants, but there are people whose livelihood is cut off, imagine why!!
    Because they tried to say a word of truth and a word of justice, and we all see the facts with our own eyes, but our mouths are gagged, and we don't care.
    Unfortunately, today, there is no unity and cohesion among the people of the world, and we lack this thing to face our solutions, but unfortunately we do the opposite.
    I hope that our world will be reformed and become more beautiful, more cooperative and honest, the most important thing, because with honesty first, all the problems around us will be solved, and believe me, we will become a coherent and wonderful world.

  • British Council.jpg genuine_tiger | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Mar 2022

    From my point of view , to know whether the propaganda announces a text of real or false information , I think one could go back to the past of the two countries and study the relation between them .
    In terms of their interdependence and the method of the sequence of emergence and occurrence of this war that occurred between Russia and Ukraine, and a review of the events that were published, and whether the events that were published are from a trusted advertisement page or not .
    Also to analyze the direct reason that was established on the basis of this information?
    Well, I'll tell you how I chose this idea in order to know what is going on between the two countries and the reason behind this dispute .

  • Cheam Fields logo sympathetic_swan | Cheam Fields Primary Academy A | United Kingdom
    15 Mar 2022

    Firstly, Marina Ovsianikova was arrested under a new law that bans calling Russia's military action in Ukraine an "invasion" or spreading "fake news" about the conflict.However, she was not spreading fake news. She was trying to to tell people about the lies in the propaganda from the Russian government. Marina Ovsianikova is trying to prove that president Putin is doing the wrong thing and even if she would go to jail or get a specific punishment I still think she was doing the correct and sensible thing. President Putin does not care about his country. He just want's to get more land but Ukraine Just want's peace so if I had the chance to speak to Marina Ovsianikova, I would say to carry on doing this good deed because She is trying to prove that the people of Russia should stop and that Ukraine is innocent and is doing the right thing.

  • British Council.jpg energetic_satsuma | State Experimental Basic 2 School | Ghana
    15 Mar 2022

    First of all, in this world, someone who always say the truth is someone's enemy. So Mrs. Marina please don't stop saying the truth. Even if they arrest you hundred times, you will also say the truth hundred times. Thank you.

  • Cheam Fields logo content_badger | Cheam Fields Primary Academy A | United Kingdom
    15 Mar 2022

    I think that if I were to say something to Marina Ovsyannikova, I would say ' No matter how much you are trying, don't give up! You need to carry on doing this until you have got justice and freedom.' Also, I would say to her that she just has to believe in what she is currently doing.

  • British Council.jpg genius_gazelle | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    16 Mar 2022

    Today your name is engraved in the pages of history, you proved that women can take part in times of war no less than men. In fact, you alone had confronted the second largest military in the world, and broke the fear barrier that kept millions of the good people of Russia to express their stand on an unjust war. You succeeded to open the eyes of your fellow citizens on the facts that were hidden by the propaganda machine; a machine that had been, and still, misleading the Russian people and preventing them of knowing the atrocities caused by such destructive war.
    As woman journalist, you, Marina have proved that there’s still room to put forward the ethics of the profession; a profession that its sole purpose is to uncover the truth the transmit the facts as they are.

    I sincerely admire your genius, yet dangerous adventure, in letting your voice heard, no one could have imagined using the heart of the propaganda machine to convey the exact opposite of what such machine was intended, or at least dictated, to do! Yes, choosing this government-controlled channel, and choosing a primetime news program (The Time) which is watched by millions of Russian people since the Soviet era as I learnt, is indeed a courageous and admirable act!

    Marina.. I fully understand now what you have done on Monday, especially after I researched your life and background. I found out that you are a woman who does not believe in violence as a solution, and that destruction can never put the two-neighboring people on the right path, and that both Ukraine and Russia shall never be further separated, and sure enough a war can ensure such separation! I also found out that you are a mother of two, and like any good mother you should and must fear for their lives and their future. I understand your message now dear Marina, that no one comes out of a war as winner, in fact everybody loses!

    Dear beautiful Marina:
    Your appearance for few seconds on TV screen, will stick in our minds for years to come. Yes, a great lesson about a woman who chose to risk her life and career just to say No to War!
    Finally, I want you to know that we pray for you and for the people of Ukraine and Russia, and we pray for you not to be harmed, and to return to your normal life and to you career, in a profession that is in the utmost need of people like you ❤

    1. British Council.jpg genius_gazelle | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      genius_gazelle's comment 18 Mar 2022

      Mr/ Tom, Have you read my post? I think it's a very good encouraging message to Maria, And I have exactly did what you asked us to do, I really do my best at this post, don't you think that????

      1. avatar.jpg Simon @ The Economist
        genius_gazelle's comment 18 Mar 2022

        Hi genius_gazelle Thanks. I see your post is now published. Marina's demonstration was indeed powerful. Personally I was relieved--and surprised--that so far she seems to have avoided serious punishment. Though I suppose her immediate career prospect are not good!

  • Crookhey Hall Crookhey Hall School | United Kingdom
    16 Mar 2022

    I would congratulate her for her bravery and her commitment to peace. I would tell her that if more people stood up for people's right, as well as accepting the need to take responsibility, then the world would become a much fairer and safer place in which to live. The power in the hands of the few would then become power in the hands of the many.

  • Crookhey Hall amicable_mulberry | Crookhey Hall School | United Kingdom
    16 Mar 2022

    much you are trying, don't give up! You need to carry on doing this until you have got justice and freedom.' Also, I would say to her that she just has to believe in what she is currently doing.

  • British Council.jpg inspired_cherry | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    16 Mar 2022

    If I had the opportunity to meet her, I would salute her for her honesty and boldness, and I would assure her that we are with her and we wish her safety always and forever, and she should be proud of herself for her boldness and be patient with everything.
    As for Russia, when it arrested you, this means that your words are true and it is trying to hide the truth, but sooner or later this truth will be revealed, and Russia will regret it.
    Far from my words to Marina, we must protest and make demonstrations to release Marina and stop the war on Ukraine. War will never be the right solution.

  • British Council.jpg creative_seahorse | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    16 Mar 2022

    Well Marina, you are very brave I congratulate you on this, since you are a woman, this is wonderful I don't think anyone could do such a dangerous thing and stand up to their country publicly. And since you are a free journalist, this means that you know very well the seriousness of what you are up to. You stand by the innocent even though you may know the price. Someone else in your position, no matter how brave they are, will be forced by circumstances to give up this dangerous and somewhat crazy idea. I will not comment on the fact that you apologized for your words later, as I personally do not know what happened behind the scenes during her 12-hour disappearance, perhaps she was threatened or worse.

  • British Council.jpg frank_salak | Beit Ula Basic Girls School No.1 B | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    16 Mar 2022

    I tell her with all sincerity and gratitude, thank you for clarifying the truth to people. We all know that there will be dire consequences for what you did, but with this step, you are aware of many people who follow you and watch you.
    We will also try to help you

  • British Council.jpg wondrous_opinion | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    I will tell her to be brave and have courage because she is standing for what is right and she should keep on doing what is good because one day the government will definitely become better. She should continue to speak out and not relent so that her voice will be hear.
    I will tell her this so that she will not be afraid even though the government does not want to hear the truth which is why they arrested her, she should have it at the back of her mind that truth always wins and that the propaganda will come to an end soon. I am saying all these to her because there is nothing she can't do , she is bold, intelligent, strong and courageous, so she should continue to speak out even behind bars. This will encourage her to stand up and fight for the betterment of every person.

  • British Council.jpg unbiased_map | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    You are a woman beautiful and smart, however I urge you not succumb to oppression from the government you elected into power. I want you to know that you are awesome and intelligent.
    This will work because you have a gift, no one has, you are special in your own way and this is just a challenge that will soon come to an end. Be your own light and shine, you will see beautiful things come your way. All the women in the world are in support of you.

  • British Council.jpg sincere_spring | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    I will tell her that there are a lot of people like her who do not have the courage to do what she did. Many people today end up in situations they never imagined they will be in because they were to scared to speak up. I am sure that there are many people like her who support what she did but what distinguishes her from them is the courage to speak up. I am also sure that Maria has opened a door for those little voices that want to say the truth. So dear Maria even if you are treated wrongly for doing the right thing, what matters is you have been heard.

  • British Council.jpg successful_globe | Maghazi Prep Girls B | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    16 Mar 2022

    No one knows the real reason for this dangerous war, and propaganda has greatly affected people's minds, and these advertisements are the result of ideas that are not agreed upon. Everyone hears a reason for this war and believes it while he does not know whether it is real or not. The Russian journalist Marina, has made a mistake because You lied in front of almost all the world, and this could lead to destruction, because it spread a wrong idea among many, including the enemy in Ukraine. What do you think about the effect of propaganda and the media on this issue??, And do you think it has a solution??, And do you think that Marina got it wrong??

    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      successful_globe's comment 16 Mar 2022

      Did the Russian jourmalist make a mistake, or were they just standing up and telling the truth?

      1. British Council.jpg successful_globe | Maghazi Prep Girls B | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 17 Mar 2022

        Maybe she was wrong, maybe she told the truth, no one knows what the truth is

  • British Council.jpg diligent_library | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    I am very sad to hear this, because they violated Marina's fundamental human rights those are : her rights to freedom of speech fair hearing and expression because, maybe the Russian government felt that she is spreading propaganda against them. What they just did is one of the major examples to why women do not come out to speak and fight for their rights. This same scenerio happened to Malala if we have not yet forgotten. Now my question is if a man should come out to protest like how Marina did would they also arrest him?

  • British Council.jpg diplomatic_ocean | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    Dear Marina, do not let anyone stop you from letting your voice to be heard and do not let anyone one intimidate you, you are a voice for both the Russians and the Ukrainians, and the world needs to hear your voice. I say this because every citizen has the right and freedom of speech and expression. I think it is not only the president or people in higher places that should be be heard but every individual, both man and woman should enjoy their human rights.

    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      diplomatic_ocean's comment 17 Mar 2022

      "A voice for both Russians and Ukrainians" is a very original and thoughtful phrase to use!

  • British Council.jpg resourceful_strategy | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    I will tell Marina that no matter what the government tells her or do to her, she should stand for the truth because then many people will know your sacrifice.
    I think she should hear this because she needs to know the worth of her sacrifice, in the end honesty pays.

  • British Council.jpg intelligent_butterfly | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    I will advice her to stay calm and not to worry about what to do and where to go. I will tell her that she has taken a lot of courage to stand out against the Russian government, though a simple journalist you stood up with bravery and boldness. I will remain her of what someone once said that "The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tranny." I will also let her about someone who was put in prison for standing up for the truth, for example Ken Saro Wiwa who did not give up and kept fighting to bring to an end to the problems of the oil producing regions of the Niger Delta of Nigeria.
    This will work because it will cheer her up and let her know that others before her also fought against propaganda like she is doing now. She is sure to be victorious as the popular saying goes "Aluta continua, victoria ascerta" meaning the struggle continues, victory is certain"

  • British Council.jpg frank_conclusion | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    I will tell her not to give up and to keep striving to achieve her goals even though she might be in prison now. She can break the ceiling if she continues to work hard in spite of the many challenge as many people have been known to have gone through the same challenges where they were incarcerated by the government for speaking against the government for instance Hajiya gambo Sawaba who was in prison sixteen times. She openly spoke against child marriage, canvassed for jobs for women and went campaigning for full voting rights amongst other things
    This will work as it will help her draw strength from the story of this strong woman and let know that many people have gone through this route before and they came out victorious.

  • British Council.jpg gracious_concept | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    I will say that because someone was arrested falsely does not mean you should stop following your dreams. You should keep doing what you do best. You should strive to achieve more than you had before. To Marina, the Russian journalist, continue what you are doing, you are the best. Keep working and someday you can expose the Russian government.

  • British Council.jpg credible_truth | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    16 Mar 2022

    I would say Marina, everyone deserves a chance to be heard. You are not spreading lies but simply saying the truth. The government arrested you just because you are empowering lives with the truth. The government knows this and they are afraid of what you will uncover if they left you to keep digging the truth. There is a saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword” very soon, the truth will come out and this will all be over. Do not give up, you are an inspiration.
    This will challenge and encourage her the more to keep searching and telling the truth, as we all the Ukrainians deserve better and knowing the truth will help them.

  • British Council.jpg engaging_queen | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    17 Mar 2022

    I would love to say to Marina that you are a great woman, very brave because your coming out to show the whole world the lies and the propaganda shared on the media and by the Russian government has made you a role model to me and I am sure to a lot of young girls and ladies. Do not be afraid of anyone because your actions are for the good of both the Russians and the Ukrainians.
    I say this because as a woman, her voice needs to be heard as lots of people are looking up to her.

  • British Council.jpg flowing_heart | Bomas Academy | Nigeria
    17 Mar 2022

    Dear Marina, you did not do anything wrong, you actually did great by alerting the Russians about the propaganda being spread by the government. A lot of people would not have come up to speak, for being such a great and brave woman who was not afraid for her life, her family, you have changed the mindset of a lot of people by the qualities you exhibited. A lot of people now see you as a mirror, you were transparent enough to show people the truth.
    These words are important because her level of courage and bravery exhibited going to make people see and place women on a higher pedestal.

  • British Council.jpg noble_world | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    21 Mar 2022

    hello dear marina You did well in conveying the truth to the public. If you were lying, they would not have arrested you, because the Russian government refuses to tell the truth to the world, but rather suppresses all those who try to deliver it. The Russian government has issued a new law prohibiting the dissemination of rumors and false news about the war, but you were not lying. Rather, I tried to raise the voice of truth. But my dear Marina, our world is an unjust world in which the strong opress the weak, and we see this in many countries such as Palestine, which has been under occupation for 78 years, in which men, women and children have been killed, and we saw what happened in Chechnya, where the Russians killed hundreds of innocent civilians. These tragedies have occurred in many other countries. Unfortunately, we are born into this unjust science in which the strong opressthe weak.We all hope for peace, which is difficult to achieve unless the wars, occupation and colonial policy stop. Greetings to you from a permanent homeland that is being bombed, a message from a child who grew up on the concepts of bombing and wars and understands their tragedies, wishing peace for the world

  • Bruntcliffe-logo-250x250.jpg openminded_history | Bruntcliffe Academy | United Kingdom
    23 Mar 2022

    If i were to meet Marina Ovsyannikova i would tell her she was terrifically inspirational to the citizens of Russia. I would tell her to carry on what she is doing just from an anonymous account on some form of Russian version of twitter/facebook. Marina Ovsyannikova is an incredibly inspirational and also truthful citizen of Russia. She is a such brave Russian and should be praised all over social media and the news papers of the world.

  • British Council.jpg entrepreneurial_hurricane | Pantang Presby Basic School | Ghana
    04 Apr 2022

    I would like to say that if only she is telling the truth she should go on because everyone has the right to talk so she should keep on saying it until they stop the bad things they are doing. she is a good citizen. Never bee ashemd of what she is doing

  • Cheam Fields logo sympathetic_swan | Cheam Fields Primary Academy A | United Kingdom
    13 Apr 2022

    Dear Marina, Firstly let no one stop you from you saying the thing which is best for all of us and don't let citizens stop you from making your voice be heard. No matter how much you are trying, don't give up! You should stop until you realise your freedom. Don't let Russia or Ukraine stop you from saying the thing you think is the best for all. I would of Also have said you have done the correct thing but also a dangerous thing. Usually, only the government or president talks but Men and woman should also talk. I am trying to say that people who are a celebrity or someone at the top of the list should have rights but also men and women should always have the right to talk. Although she was arrested, the great thing was she got to follow her dream and you should never be ashamed of what you have accomplished .

  • High Lawn Primary.jpg gentle_glacier | High Lawn Primary School | United Kingdom
    10 May 2022

    I think she could keep telling the truth because if she says the truth people may realise that Putin is building everything on lies. I know this because newspapers usually edit the news to make it more exciting and believable, he is using the same method to get people to believe what he is doing is right. This is why i think she should keep telling the truth otherwise Putin and his supporters will become more powerful.

    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      gentle_glacier's comment 10 May 2022

      Do all newspapers "edit the news to make it more exciting and believable" or just some? How can you spot a reliable news source that doesn't edit the news?

      1. High Lawn Primary.jpg gentle_glacier | High Lawn Primary School | United Kingdom
        Katie @ Topical Talk's comment 10 May 2022

        You can spot a reliable source of news by, asking trusted adults if it is believable, seeing if the story even makes sense, and if it is a well known news report it is usually truthful.

  • High Lawn Primary.jpg logical_seal | High Lawn Primary School | United Kingdom
    19 May 2022

    I would tell her to get a bit more information before stating her opinion. What she did was wrong because she probably does not understand fully nor do we none of us will ever know until the truth is spilled she should have asked for permission before speaking out of turn. But at the same time, she was only trying to stop the war she wants to help the Russians understand what they are doing to Ukraine and what destruction they are causing. This is a balanced opinion and very interesting to find out more about

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