The Monday Challenge

This week, a UK-based expert said people are suffering "fatigue" and "uncertainty" over the different coronavirus rules. Some people have said they are really confused by the rules in different places.

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If you were in charge of your country, what idea could help people understand the coronavirus rules where you live?

This could be something the government could do with:

  • technology
  • adverts
  • social media
  • ...or something else!

Try to make it an original idea that people haven't thought of yet.

"My idea would be...

It would work because..."

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  • My idea would be social media.
    It would work because social media are funny, entertaining and emotional content spread fastest. Social media keep people safe, informed and connected about covid19 by sharing stories from scientist and health staff, videos, images, articles, proshores, circulators.

  • My idea will be by employing technology to contribute to spreading awareness on a large scale through various programs through the Google Meet and Zoom program and hosting experts from the local community such as specialized doctors to provide accurate information and valuable advice on dealing with the Corona virus, and I can invest technology in designing advisory boards And awareness pictures that include tips with attractive pictures to draw the attention of all groups and I can publish them via WhatsApp and Telegram groups to reach the largest possible segment

  • The most common injuries from crowding and mixing in shops and malls, and my idea is to put sensors and alerts in clothing stores and entrances to dressing rooms to warn the individual and remind him of safety rules, as well as in malls and at the entrance to each section to take care and caution because clothing stores and malls are the most crowded places and the main reason In the transmission of the virus

  • My idea will be to publish awareness again to the people, Through the means we mentioned earlier, but also suggested by making people first understanding the seriousness of this virus, There are people say that the virus has disappeared or telling him because of the disappearance of the role of the media and this is the biggest mistake that can be done these days, Because the danger did not say because we are still still in the scary point and the severe ban of everything because prevention is better than treatment and costs, In view of injuries and severe death situations, the media must be needed, Also for Corona virus rules are to stay in connection with the latest news, Now they disappeared their role any need to stay at home? This is certainly what people think,
    It will work because we are following the news and works because they are publishing the situation and the supplies to do later and currently, We have published risks and awareness of the new safety and the country's rules of peoples.

  • My idea would be social media. Social media is entertaining, fun and most people have accounts of the different social media platforms, including those who are isolated from covid19 patients. Celebrities also have social media accounts and they have millions of followers. The government can collaborate with them to make videos on social media about the covid-19 protection law. Watching videos of a celebrity that I follow attracts me to watch the full video. Many people like to hear doctors talk about medical stuff, most probably because they trust them. Consequently, doctors too can make short interesting videos about covid 19 and to protect yourself.

  • My idea will be to work on educating children and young people through a movie or cartoon that is sensitive to the age group. It will talk about the virus and simplify the rules, such as wearing a mask, maintaining distance, and several other rules as well, and the consequences that will happen if they do not adhere to them, for example, contracting the disease and that it may harm their friends and families and intimidate them by losing Those who like all this will happen through a movie or cartoon or from the media. Also, it is possible to develop the method by communicating with celebrities such as BTS, series actors, or YouTube celebrities to encourage them to adhere to the rules. I do not like to force anyone to do something, but I try with all my energy convince him to

    It will work because today's generation lives on technology and anything related to social communication will spread in seconds, which is why I think it will work.

  • Well, my idea will be different, I will do presidential decrees, to educate people, and distribute them to homes, and these decrees will contain .
    1 Safety tips for the virus
    2 How to prevent it
    3 tools we will use.
    4 I will add some motivation to the citizens, in order to protect themselves from its danger.
    5 Finally, I will thank people for their concern and self-preservation.
    On the other hand, radio or television networks can be used to publish this publication.

  • My idea is to put signs and areas on the roads where gatherings are frequent indicating the rules of protection from the virus that will work because these signs do not have the rules, but the result of the commitment is the reward provided that the written rules related to the corona virus are adhered to

  • My idea would be technology, because by developing devices through technology, I think people will understand about the Corona virus through technology. Technology has developed the world. I think people are trying to find an easy way, and that path is technology.

  • My idea will be about hobbies, which is another way. Practicing a loved hobby or exploring new hobbies can arouse interest and make a person forget all the problems and worries and replace them with a feeling of relaxation and calm. New hobbies such as reading, drawing, or even singing and playing music are all hobbies that can help to Calm the mind and improve the psychological state resulting from the emerging corona epidemic.

  • My idea will be technology, which is the best choice because it is spread all over the world. Technology also helps to know the basic principles of disease prevention and control. Technology also carefully publishes texts dealing with dangerous behavior towards diseases. Technology can also create games programmed to teach children how to protect themselves from the Corona virus. It is also programmed to talk with children to encourage them to take initiative and follow prevention guidelines and be a source of relief for them by talking to them. Technology can be a motivating point for others to socialize, explaining that the most optimistic possibility is that the increased awareness of the nature of the epidemic will push people to stay in touch and take action Other positive activities may also help you in self-entertainment, such as listening to music.

  • My idea would be “advertisements”, the idea would be that professors could talk to their students about the Corona virus, or company employees could hang advertisements (streets, entertainment venues, hospitals, etc.) so that large and small companies could promote advertisements to increase profits in the face of people and the world who need To various health things to prevent the virus. “This idea will definitely work.”

  • My idea will be social media. It will work because most people are very present in these platforms in this era and their impact will be greater because they will reach the largest number of people faster due to the speed and ease of trading on these platforms through broadcasts, posts and other available things that will reach faster By any means of people's interest in it and its modernity

  • My idea would be adverts.
    This would definitely work because people can't help looking at them and they are eye-catching and then they can quickly catch the rules.

  • My idea will be awareness of the corona virus and it will be through social media where it will be a video and
    The videos include medical information and advice necessary to prevent the corona virus, which are displayed on social media platforms, and are also launched on the council's social networking sites.

  • I think that my method will be somewhat different because since the beginning of the Corona virus and we use advertisements and technology so the government must let people do what they want and there is no closure and when people see the negative effects of the virus and deaths they will be afraid and abide without pressure from the government I think it is The most appropriate method, because people are not convinced of a thing unless they see its effects on the ground. A person does not do anything except from conviction and conviction must be applied.

  • My idea here is to help a segment of people, which includes visual advertisements for people who do not read newspapers and written advertisements, especially housewives and fathers who watch screens and do not read, and educate them about the danger of Corona and the rules of protection..

  • My idea would be to create an app that helps People understand the safety and Security Rules and procedures to prevent corona Virus and remind them of safety measures From time to time .
    My idea will work because the vast magority Nowadays use hardware , so it will be easy For them to understand , apply and work With them wherever they go .

  • My idea will be to create a book that will be taught to all students through teachers, and I will make it a basic book in the study of the Corona virus, with this idea, I will ensure the spread of awareness among people, and also I will work to conduct awareness seminars in the public places frequented by all people.

  • My idea will be “social media.” This idea will succeed for several reasons, including: 1- Most people have accounts across platforms in this era and their impact will be greater to the largest number of people faster due to the speed and ease of trading on these platforms through broadcasts, publications and other things. 2- The government can cooperate with them to create videos on social media about the Corona Virus Protection Act. Some people can say that this is the biggest mistake that can be done these days, because the danger has not diminished because we are still in the frightening point and severe ban on everything because prevention is better than cure and costs, in the opinion of the opinion. For serious injuries and deaths, social media should be needed For social media, the rules of corona virus is to stay connected with the latest news, now their role is gone any need to stay, social media keeps people safe, informed and connected about covid19 by sharing stories, videos.

  • My idea would be technology.
    It will succeed because everyone is fascinated by technology and waiting for its developments, and everyone aspires to progress, so it is possible to develop a funny and humorous robot that provides information about the rules of the Corona virus in an interesting way that makes children and adults amazed by it and act according to its advice.

  • If I am responsible for my country, I will raise awareness about the dangers of the Corona virus and take measures such as making wearing a mask a duty for everyone and whoever violates the law will be punished. I will use all social media and media sites to spread prevention and safety methods, and I will tell those who are afraid of the Corona virus and are frightened by the news that if everyone adheres to the rules of safety and security that everything will be fine

  • My idea would be that we use social media To raise awareness of the dangers of the Corona virus it would work because many people use social media, so the awareness will be greater , and social networking sites were considered a pivotal tool in building a renewed and interactive intellectual system, coinciding with the developments of the communication environment in which the individual resides within the social system, and the depth of its impact became clear, especially after the repercussions of the spread of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic in the world at the beginning of 2020, Like several countries affected by the economic and social repercussions of this virus, it showed the fragility of the health system in them, and in the face of media intimidation that covers the development of the developments of the pandemic. What made the individual benefit from the awareness content and wonder about the validity of the information published through the various social media and the degree of its credibility

  • My idea will be that the ads will work because the ads will be placed in the streets and everywhere, and everyone who has electricity and who does not have will see them, and they will be in a strange shape that will draw the attention of passers-by through it and through it people will understand the severity of the danger from the virus from the advertisement and we will establish laws that receive the sensors in order to understand the mind and the person himself And we will put in the advertisements some of the scenes that could be caused by the Corona virus, and people will think about the scenes in their subconscious mind, and they will follow the laws and from their heart and not from others.

  • Advertisements or social communication ... Advertisements through flyers in public places and streets express avoidance of the thoughts of the Corona virus.. As for posting on social media, they work on self-development and the emotional community spreads quickly, so people are attracted to this topic and take caution From this topic and preserve themselves more

  • My idea would be technology.It would work because thanks to technological developments, isolation procedures, especially in large cities and affluent families, have become easy and comfortable with the possibility of working from home, obtaining medical diagnosis from a distance, and exercising through applications or connected news and entertainment by streaming. As Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moore Insights and Strategy says , “Paradoxically, a lot of technologies that are often highly criticized have become a haven in which we feel safe in the time of the emerging Corona virus ."

  • My idea would be to send out special guidance leaflets. These would be sent out quite frequently to update people about covid and news surrounding it as some people may not have access to technology to know this. There would also be phone numbers and links to places that could help with mental health or just health in general. This would be distributed by the government as having the best intentions for people. This may already be in place for some countries but in mine it's not. It's a great idea in order to help with mental health due to the effects of covid and pressure.

  • My idea will be to contribute to spreading awareness through social media as well. There is no doubt that many people have accounts through which we explain the seriousness of this virus and give them some instructions such as following the health protocol and taking the Corona vaccine.

  • My idea will be to use social media, as it supports successful ideas and spreads them among the largest number of people by publishing posts and publications on social media sites that are used in karate because people currently use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others that use them a lot

  • I said that the idea of ​​"social media" would succeed, perhaps for private or general reasons for the virus, especially for people, general for the state, meaning any virus can have its own and public reasons, isn't it..... So the virus continued to spread until it reached the fifth wave, In some people, through their accounts on social media platforms in this era, and their impact will be greater to the largest number of people watching this news, which is talking about, for example: (I have read all the comments about the new Corona virus, which destroyed entire villages and countries in the past, such as China, Britain and other countries, and also I read about many famous people, may God have mercy on them, etc.) I read a lot in the last period about the virus on social media platforms... That is why I said for sure that this idea will work ....And in the end, we do not forget the support of both the technology that helped invent innovations to prevent the Covid-19 virus and the idea of ​​“ads” was likely to come true, so companies were able to promote ads to increase profits in the face of people and the world who need different health things to prevent the virus. Do not forget to support our ideas, whether technology, advertisements, social media platforms, or others, all of them contributed to the prevention of the emerging corona virus.

  • That the state encourages people to buy sterilization materials by contracting with pharmacies by reducing the price of sterilizers, medical masks and medical masks, and encouraging the buyer when he buys two of the same type, he will be rewarded with the third for free

  • First, we must focus on the psychological aspect of people and educate the community not to listen to rumors and wrong words that spread on all audio-visual means, and to enhance safety and remove fear from the Corona virus. Illuminated advertisements to remind people of safety rules, in addition to drawing murals on the walls of buildings and institutions to prevent corona

  • My idea would be to spread awareness in my school of the Corona virus, first I go to the school principal and suggest her to make a play about the Corona virus and to give a speech about the health guidelines that students should follow and also that all peoples should abide by the instructions of the Ministry of Health

  • My idea will be social communication, because social communication is the most prevalent at this time. If major companies support the videos that people watch in large numbers with advert is ments that help people understand the rules of the Corona virus, and this method will succeed because if people do not watch the advertisement, they will not be able to watch the video they want.

  • I can work on creating a technology that prevents anyone not wearing a mask from entering through the device’s look at the face, and I will then put it everywhere

  • Along with many others my idea would be social media, there are alot of social media platforms that are popular and most people go on them every single day so that would make it easier to get alot of views because society may send to family or friends so awareness of the corona virus by global citizens meta is the corporation that made most social media platforms and has now made the metaverse.

  • My idea is adverts.
    When you watch adverts, it catches a lot of people's eyes and you can't help but watch it. To do this, we must make the adverts interesting and want to make you click on the website. It would work because we will be able to be safe while just watching an add on the internet to follow the rules. When you watch adverts, you can't help to watch it till it ends. It is just too fascinating!

  • My idea would be social media
    It would work because ,in social media a lot of things are happening ,for examples ,some schools use internet to do their lessons some exams. In social media alot of advertisement awareness is made ,and people now a days always on social media ,it will be the best way to share awareness to family and freinds and know what must be done to stay safe

  • My idea would be to help people understand about the rules would be by adverts because nearly everybody has a tv and watches it so lots of people would then pay attention to it whereas on social media not all people would have it so they couldn't get the message across to there whole country but with a television more people would get the message than on any of the other ways.

  • My idea will be to spread health awareness among people through: houses of worship, mosques, churches, and temples, as Corona is a danger to the life of the individual and the group, and human life is considered a trust that it is his duty to preserve as well as the lives of others. And places of worship, in general, are close to the soul and the mind, and they have the way to communicate the idea, and they have their own methods of persuasion, and their multiple means and methods are different to prove the truth for the sake of the community’s physical, intellectual and ideological safety.

  • Or you could have a postman who delivers special letters about the guidelines and laws