Project polls

Each week, take a class vote on a big question and find out what other Topical Talk students think too.

Project Poll | January 28th

We're letting this poll run until February 11th to give as many schools a chance to join as possible!


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Which of the following examples of big-corporation innovation has had the biggest impact on the world?

Smartphones, VR headsets, run-faster trainers or social media?

corporate charity poll result.jpg

Should big corporations be forced to donate to charity?

Yes or no?

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Whose opinions matter most for the question "Should America have left Afghanistan?"

Afghan people, American people or other people?

Who has the most power over the situation in Afghanistan.jpg

Who has the most power over the situation in Afghanistan?

The Taliban or the American government?

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How do you feel about the current situation in Afghanistan?

Sad, worried, curious or hopeful?

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Which skill will be most important for world leaders at COP26?

Problem-solving, speaking, listening or creativity?