How to submit your Final Piece

Skill Description Competition Creativity

What is a Final Piece?

Your "Final Piece" is a special, creative piece of work that brings together all of your learning from this topic.

If you are doing your Final Piece in class with your teacher, you will be taking part in a debate.

However, some of you might not do it in class. Whether you are or not, everyone can add their Final Piece to the Student Hub!

What do I need to do?

Watch the following video. Sacha, a journalist at The Economist, is writing an article titled "Should America have left Afghanistan?" and wants your help.

Your challenge is to prepare arguments for a debate on “SHOULD AMERICA HAVE LEFT AFGHANISTAN?” Here's how to write your Final Piece in three steps:

  1. Choose either to argue for the YES team, or the NO team.
  2. Write out the points you want to make for your side. Each point you make should be in a separate paragraph and be supported by reasons, evidence and examples.

Think about these areas to help you form your arguments:

  • What Afghan people might think
  • What American people might be think
  • What people in the rest of the world might think

    3. Plan the order of how you will present your arguments. Should you put the strongest or weakest arguments first? Why?

How do I add my Final Piece?

Go to "MY WORK" and click "WRITE NEW POST".

Then, select FINAL PIECE (not Discussion stater).

Then, write your points, in the order you would say them in a debate, into a Post.

Remember to add one of the images we have provided too.

(You can also record your Final Piece - click "Embed media" to add audio or video. These instructions can help you).

Top tips:

Look at the information from previous sessions! Fill your arguments with perspectives and facts to make your reasons stronger.

Think about what the other side might say and add in points that respond to them.

Extra challenge:

Why not give arguments for both sides of the argument? You can then add a paragraph at the end explaining your own view.

Any questions? Add them to comments the below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Comments (12)

  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    14 Dec 2021

    I argue in favor of the (No) team. A bad departure would have consequences that would entail a much greater cost than the cost of continuing to stay.. For reasons including (1) the withdrawal was a deep mistake and a blow to America’s prestige and the confidence of the United States in the eyes of its enemies as it is the most powerful country in the world (2) I lose Western credibility America, which imagined to the world that the intervention came to help Afghanistan build and withdraw from it, created mistrust in it. I believe that the American people have endured a lot in order to achieve goals that guarantee them security from terrorism (3) Return to the outbreak of the most violent Afghan civil war before, with the Taliban controlling weapons and equipment for the army The Afghani, which led to insecurity and intensification of violence and weakening what America had achieved in Afghanistan during its period of control (4) The rivalry created a power struggle between the Taliban and the Afghan army, which led to the lack of security and I think this is what the Afghan people are experiencing (5) The decline of American influence globally, especially since it did not achieve Its declared goals when taking control of Afghanistan, which led to tension in relations with the Atlas countries and Europe and the threat to European security and the pursuit of strategic independence away from America (6) After the withdrawal, the two phenomena of terrorism appeared on the surface Which has grown with the presence of terrorist organizations that persecute, kill and torture people, and the two phenomena of asylum, which are the result of the terrorism experienced by the Afghan people (7). We do not forget that the American withdrawal opened the appetite of countries to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan..***. In conclusion, do not forget the US justifications for withdrawal (1) that it puts a solution to the horrific costs in lives and money and also secures the exit of civilians (2) America seeks to focus on the internal challenges it faces from fortifying its democracy and building its economy and combating the Corona virus and economic competition with China and I think that the American people The Afghani peoples of the world are all striving to ensure security and safety for the region and for America itself from the danger of terrorism whose focus is Afghanistan. Here the responsibility falls on America to create the danger that threatens this world!! But will America's confusion and withdrawal from Afghanistan encourage countries in the Middle East to escalate their regional policies and occupy Afghanistan? Was the American project destined to fail from the start??

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      aware_painting's comment 14 Dec 2021

      Thank you for this, but you should add your Final Piece as a "post" aware_painting - see the instructions above!

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  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Dec 2021

    Sorry, the instructions have been revised and have been converted to a post

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  • British Council.jpg intelligent_river | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
    11 Mar 2022

    Hello everyone❤️ Everyone must help the affected countries like Afghanistan. We must not withdraw from this battle so as not to destroy trust. America and even Europe and the Arab countries will help and if they can help more and more, they will help them and support them by spreading science, security, tranquility or even charitable aid, but if it is done, all will be destroyed. What constructive minds have built, do you agree with me, and what is your task if the solution becomes in our hands and who is not mistaken?

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  • British Council.jpg strong_bird | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
    17 Mar 2022

    Welcome, we must support all affected peoples in any way, and support them financially and morally, because this may raise and strengthen their confidence to return again, and we have to spread peace and justice because this will positively affect our people and our people. Global Isn't That Right??

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