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Today I will talk about the possibility of stabilizing Afghanistan.

The Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan, but does this mean the end of the war?? And does it mean the surrender of America?? Does it mean that the stability of the state will always remain?? Or can it go away in the blink of an eye??

I believe that the war is not over, and that this calm is the calm before the storm, if I'm right. America is trying to draw up a plan, then the conflict is not limited to America and the Taliban. Even if calm continues, and Afghanistan is stable, Afghan opponents may appear and turn against the Taliban. Do you think this possibility exists??

I will not prolong the discussion, and I will leave this question to you: What are your expectations for the future of Afghanistan?? Who will survive in the end?? Because in the end, only one party will remain.

Well, now the word stability has other complications, and questions that comply with the memory, the most important of which are: Can the war affect, positively or negatively, the souls of the people??

After the war, the person must be in a difficult psychological state, after what he saw of destruction and explosions, so can he get rid of this condition?? Or is he unable to forget it??

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    24 Nov 2021

    Thank you for this post, pioneering_wilddog. I think the word in your title is key here - "guess" - many experts think its anyone's guess what might happen in the future in Afghanistan, because things can change so quickly. You raise several important questions but so I think it's best we focus on one: what are your expectations for the future of Afghanistan?

    When we give our predictions, try to provide evidence to support what you're saying.

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    1. British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 30 Nov 2021

      I will say what is the fate of Afghanistan in my own way
      In my opinion, the situation now is like cheese, a trap, and a mouse that will thrive
      America has suddenly withdrawn its forces for no reason, and this means that Afghanistan is now a mouse, and America is a trap, and its forces have put cowardice (the armistice) in the trap for Afghanistan (the mouse), and that the mouse is not far away...!

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  • British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    25 Nov 2021

    Afghanistan has an unknown fate, do you think that it will indeed become a stronger war than this?!
    From my point of view, yes, because it is impossible that America withdrew its forces suddenly and for no reason..!
    Arab newspapers also dealt with the withdrawal of the last US forces from Afghanistan and focused on the upcoming challenges facing the Taliban government.

    A number of writers believed that the Taliban movement would first face the issue of proving legitimacy in front of its opponents, and others expressed their fears of the possibility of “explosion of proxy wars” in Afghanistan, where the neighboring countries, especially Russia, China, India and Pakistan, feared, after Tehran hinted at the possibility of transferring Afghan militias from Iran and Syria to Iran. Afghanistan to extend control over sensitive sectarian areas, in addition to the possibility of the emergence of takfiri and jihadist organizations...
    What's your opinion pioneering_wilddog ?!

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  • Ericka Shin.jpg Ericka @ The Economist
    25 Nov 2021

    Thanks for your post, pioneering_wilddog. You're asking a lot of important questions but the one that stood out to me the most is the last one. Can you do some additional research to say more about the psychological effects of war on individuals?

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    1. British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Ericka @ The Economist's comment 25 Nov 2021

      In my opinion, war is what affects a person most negatively, first in terms of children. When he witnesses a war at a young age, this of course affects him psychologically.
      First, in terms of the viewer, do you know the feeling of a child witnessing a war? The scenes will remain in his memory forever. The voice will echo in his mind.
      Secondly, in terms of living his future, of course, it will not be normal or easy to adapt to life, meaning that his past was bloody, so how do you think he will build his future
      Third, in terms of mental illnesses, meaning that the war will of course generate a decade and psychological diseases such as depression, and that is from my experience as a Palestinian who witnessed the 2014 war at a very young age, and this war had a strong impact on the way I grew and matured, and the 2021 war in May, which was one of the worst The wars I've lived I've already seen horrible things.
      All of these things are the result of fear, panic or shock

      Not only children, but in general on humans, as it affects their relationship with people and communication with them and affects education, meaning that they no longer have a passion for education, a fear that lingers in their hearts, and consequently, levels of achievement decrease....

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  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    29 Nov 2021

    Who will own the future of Afghanistan Determining one party to win power in Afghanistan is very difficult and difficult in light of the ongoing conflict that generates other endless conflicts. Perhaps Afghanistan after America withdrew from it, many movements and parties seeking to win the rule of a country that has been exhausted by wars and destroyed by foreign policies For I see that among these conflicts, other, bigger and stronger conflicts will be renewed, weakening them more and exhausting them politically, economically and even humanly. At the present time, I cannot resolve an end to one party and on the one hand who will win the rule of Afghanistan as one who challenges many things, policies, greed and fronts. “It seems that the matter is very worrying.” There is a lot of fear about the future of Afghanistan and what awaits it in light of difficult and painful labors that produce more and more movements, parties and conflicts.

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  • Ditton Logo unparalleled_contribution | Ditton Primary School | United Kingdom
    30 Nov 2021

    No one can determined the future of Afghanistan. For example Afghanistan could be very successful and people doubt this country for its rights and wrongs.

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    1. avatar.jpg Charlotte @ The Economist
      unparalleled_contribution's comment 01 Dec 2021

      It is difficult to predict what will happen in the future, unparalleled_contribution. Often we try and predict what will happen, but many different factors come into play. What do you think will happen in Afghanistan? Can you think of any evidence to back up your thoughts?

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  • British Council.jpg exuberant_keyboard | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 Nov 2021

    No one can predict the future of Afghanistan as we live in dynamic world and the determination and willingness of the nations are beyond out expectation.
    Regarding the last question, I think it is hard to forget what person lives during the wars in terms of destructions, explosions or losing members of his family, friends or neighbors.
    But, life must continues and people must learn how to adapt and how to accommodate to live to achieve their goals.

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  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 Nov 2021

    It is no secret to anyone that the future of Afghanistan until this moment is unknown. It has a lot of doubts about the credibility of the parties to the conflict there and the sincerity of their intentions to make Afghanistan stable. Until this moment, Afghans were surprised by what happened in their country of withdrawal and they are worried about the uncertain future. Nobody is a winner in this war, as Talib took over the country while it is exhausted and weak and plans to take over the government and impose its religious legitimacy, and it could be a hotbed for the growth of the influence of ISIS, which threatens the entire region.” From the country and return the country as a breeding ground for terrorist groups 'Everyone here hopes for the future for them, but the ground does not represent if a glimmer of hope changes the course of events for the better. It is to obtain food, medicine and housing. I do not think that anyone will survive, everyone will pay the price and everyone will lose again. It was the first time in the war, which lasted about 40 years, exhausted citizens, governments and the economy, so who will survive??? I don't think anyone will survive paying the war bill!!! Wars have left many difficult and intractable psychological cases that a person cannot get rid of permanently, but he can treat some of them through psychological support, merging between groups, and psychological discharge of negative energies of fear and weakness. In the end, no one can forget wars whose image is engraved in the memory of generations. War has all the effect. The negative impact on people’s souls, or even their lives, psyches, relationships, and reactions, we must first treat the souls that were affected more than others and paid the price of wars so that they can engage in social and political life. Let us treat the souls until we reach success

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  • Ormiston Sudbury Academy flowing_glockenspiel | Ormiston Sudbury Academy | United Kingdom
    03 Dec 2021

    This issue has been going on since I can remember, I've always felt this situation is extremely difficult to "sort" and "fix" but people have always gone for arguments that try to yet again fix this issue. generally I think well since this issue is mainly due to extremism and politics, this comes into my argument of preventing the extremist groups behavior like the Taliban. Not all extremist groups are like the Taliban there's groups in history like Ghandi's followers were extremists, does that mean they were wrong doing the things they did? No as India's independence was a good and successful thing. education is key and the more that people learn about extremism and PSHE related topics help raise the understanding of groups like the Taliban and stop people from joining these groups i believe knowledge is power and we can prevent the future generations to be vulnerable to these groups.
    Also not related but please let me see the whole comment on one part so that I don't have to scroll every 10 seconds.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      flowing_glockenspiel's comment 06 Dec 2021

      Thanks for giving your thoughts and relating it to what you have learnt about in class. Do our topics connect to other subjects you study?

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  • British Council.jpg capable_seal | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    08 Dec 2021

    I am sure that the war has negative and not positive effects because people are in a state of panic and fear. I do not think that there are positive effects of war. If it is positive, the war will have positive effects on the state, not on the people. This is my belief
    There are many negative effects on people, including: it affects the mental health of the person and affects the children a lot, through the control of depression and fear on them, and thus they will be deprived of their childhood and their future will be lost and other effects.
    And sometimes war leads to the emergence of epidemics.

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