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As we know, there is great fear in Afghanistan because of the return of the Taliban movement's control over Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the American forces from it,but let us shed light on the victim whose political, economic and social rights were stolen, and that is the Afghan woman

To learn more, follow this trusted source https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/58221225

When the Taliban government took control of Afghanistan, women's education was prohibited, and this is one of the most important rights that are demanded in the United Nations by countries, but what about Afghan women, How long will her right to education be stolen even though she is able to make a difference in several areas, and it is worth noting that the ban on women's education is one of the reasons for the downturn in the economy,One of the biggest evidences is that the reason for the decline of the economy in a number of countries is an example from my society. The Arab woman is that low female education is one of the factors of economic weakness,This is even acknowledged in the social studies textbook, but no solution is applied to it!!! That is, they admit the error, but do not correct it,So before the discussion of human rights takes place at the United Nations, let the discussion about Afghan women take place!!! Because it will be the way to liberate Afghanistan,Where it educates current and future generations on patriotism and jihad in order to overthrow the Taliban movement, or it uses its knowledge and political awareness as its weapon for progress, Where if the flag of Afghan women continues to be obliterated, they will be prevented from participating in high positions, as according to Sky News Arabia, the Taliban government issued a statement that "women cannot work in high positions", This is one of the most important matters that the United States of America must participate in solving, as it is a sovereign country that can achieve another peace deal that guarantees the rights of Afghan women,Also, we do not forget her participation in the fighting, where she helped the injured, prepared food and drink for the fugitives from the Taliban government, and participated in campaigns to support and educate women who are afraid to demand their rights,Thus, the percentage of women's strength and their voice will increase, which will cause pressure on the Taliban, and something after something will begin to liberate them from the pressures they put!!!!

Let’s talk about some of what happened to Afghan women during the two decades that they were liberated from the Taliban’s control, (note that I did not write much, unfortunately, because I did not find many sources explaining what happened):

1_ The proportion of primary school students reached 40%, and women constitute 35% of secondary school students (according to the development channel).

2_ The number of women increased significantly in the political process, but the harassment was continuous, as Afghan women did not have the money like Afghan men to rig elections, (Clarification: I do not mean that the Afghan woman has to cheat in order to win political positions, but I mean that she faced problems in this matter because of her poor income)

3- Religious leaders have been involved in issues related to Afghan women

4_ Afghan women demand their rights to participate in political office, said Farzana Kochai, a female parliamentarian: “A government without women will not be seen by the international community and civil society as a responsible government.”, "We should not be removed from society, we must continue our work and remain in the government and wherever we want"

5_ The number of women serving in the Afghan National Defense Forces has doubled, and the total number is now 4,400 women, or 4.1%

Why do we have to educate the world about the issue of Afghan women?
Because we are part of this world, because we may be in their place one day, and we, as aware of this matter, have to make everyone aware of it, so that we can face the matter and not be subject to the control of failed governments , Also, if we want to confront global issues, we have to achieve integration between us as a peoples! , What is the benefit of me and my people and other people facing climate change who suffer from a problem because of colonialism and the theft of rights, which covers it from paying attention to climate change, Isn't he also part of the issue, so why should I also contribute by my silence to obliterating his role? Imagine yourself that Afghan woman who cries out in pain over what happened to her because she was not allowed to share her voice and share her knowledge? Think and tell me what you think it will affect climate change if this continues
And also the women's voices suppressed by the Taliban government that will surely make a difference in the issue of climate change and the female child, we have to tell the world about it, In the previous topic, we talked about the voices of poor countries, so let us talk today about this victim, who is now due to poverty imposed on her by colonialism, as it prevented her from participating in many fields.
They are all part of these global issues, Do not be silent, for perhaps your silence will be the cause of your death one day

And here, and the topic is over, but you also have to share your point of view on the matter. I will present to you these questions and answer them:
1_ To employ the skill of problem solving, how can Afghan women impose their rights on the Taliban government? What can we as a scientist do all in order to support Afghan women?

2_ To employ the skill of good listening: What is the point that you disagree with/agree with on this subject and explain the reason?

3_ To employ the skill of speaking, consider yourself the founder of a feminist campaign against the Taliban government in Afghanistan. What is the first thing you will demand from the rights of women taken away, and how will you attract everyone with your speaking way?

4_ Employing creativity: How can governments in countries cooperate to eliminate the oppressive Taliban government's control? Or how are you as a listener who is under 18 years old, Can you think of a peace deal between the Taliban government and the United Nations in which you can guarantee the commitment of the Taliban government?

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    08 Nov 2021

    This post contains a lot of very important questions, healthy_antelope. It is incredibly important that the world stands up for the rights of everyone, and so it will be interesting to see how others respond to your challenges. Do you have an idea that could help kick the conversation off?

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    1. British Council.jpg healthy_antelope | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 08 Nov 2021

      First, thank you for those kind words. Second, sorry, but what do you mean by starting a conversation?

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    2. British Council.jpg healthy_antelope | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 08 Nov 2021

      The first question, an example of an answer:
      According to what I see, the Afghan women should show solidarity to carry out a revolution demanding their rights, and they can do that through mobile phones and publish everything that happens to women on it, And increasing support for women’s diplomatic positions. As a Palestinian child, I see that I can support Afghan women by highlighting their suffering in global conversations, which will attract the world’s attention,And to support the ambassadors in our countries to speak about this issue at the United Nations, because we are a world that we have to participate in combating issues that steal the rights of an individual

      The second question: “I do not agree/agree with your opinion, because……”

      The third question: “I, the founder of the Women’s Campaign, demand our right as women to education!!!! Because we are the originators of the leaders of this generation, and…….”

      Fourth question: For example, I think that the governments of countries have to meet and make votes and persuasion in order to reach a solution that guarantees the rights of Afghan women, ......
      "I am a child, my age is not yet eighteen, but I think that the United Nations should write a peace deal with the Taliban where we can guarantee the rights of Afghan women and to ensure compliance we can...."

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  • British Council.jpg free_planet | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    22 Nov 2021

    It is wonderful that you talked about women, they are half of society and we must support them. I will answer the third question, and the first thing l well ask for women's rights is education as we know, education is what leads to the development of the state, and it is an important thing in our world, and it gives a place for women in our society. They stop education because they know education will build a future for them. This is from my point of view .

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  • British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    29 Nov 2021

    You ask that To employ the skill of problem solving, how can Afghan women impose their rights on the Taliban government? What can we as a scientist do all in order to support Afghan women?

    Ok let me tell you that despite the Taliban's suppression, Afghan women are determined to defend their rights
    And since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, their determination to suppress women, violate their rights and not allow them to participate in public life, has become clear. Despite this, Afghan women activists stress the continuation of the struggle for their rights, calling for international support.

    And in my opinion, we, as a people supportive of women, can go out with demonstrations and demand the rights of women, not only Afghan women, but all women from all over the world, and they can also go out and hold demonstrations and raise banners demanding their rights to come out and send their voice to the world and to the government The ones that robbed their rights. Let them, as women, send their voice without fear or shame, to demand their rights, or else they will remain that way forever.

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