Is war a truth or a lie?

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Wars that help keep them in place. Wars cannot be good or glorious. It cannot be justified as a means to achieve peace or anything else of value. The reasons given for wars, before, during, and after (often three very different sets of reasons for the war itself) are all incorrect. It is common to imagine that, since we will never go to war without a good reason, having gone to war, we must have a good reason. It should be reversed. For there can be no good cause for war, for after we have gone to war, we partake in lying.

When it comes to wars, some of these people tend to think that every fictitious claim comes from the nation's capital and fantasize that they are thinking about it for themselves. Others defend an obedient and unsuspecting attitude towards our "Supreme Commander", following a pattern of behavior common to soldiers. They forget that in a democracy "we the people" are supposed to be responsible, despite their sincere defense of following the orders of their leaders. Still others are not sure what to think of the arguments made in support of the wars.

The word "war" conjures up in the minds of many people. We hear constant references to the "battlefield" as if wars still consist mainly of pairs of armies lined up for each other in an open space. Some of today's wars are more usefully referred to as "the professions" and can be further visualized as Jackson Pollock's paint in three omnipresent colors, one representing the occupying army, the second representing the enemy, and the third representing innocent civilians - the second and third colors are indistinguishable from each other Some only use a microscope.

The reasons often given for wars are not all legal and not all moral. They do not always agree with each other, but are usually presented together, appealing to different groups of potential war supporters. . Thus, we act defensively. Some of us prefer to see the whole people as enemies, others only blame their government. For some people to offer their support, wars must be seen as humane, fought on behalf of other people who proponents of the war itself would like to see wiped off the face of the earth. And though wars have become acts of generosity, we take care to pretend they are inevitable. We were told and believe there was no other choice. War may be a terrible thing, but we were forced to. Our warriors are heroes,

But my point
. When war is in progress, we do not pursue it in order to defeat evil enemies or give them benefits; We continue wars primarily for the benefit of our soldiers currently deployed on the "battlefield," a process we call "troop support." And if we want to end an unpopular war, we do so by escalating it. Thus we achieve a "victory" that we can trust our televisions to tell us accurately. This is how we make a better world and respect the rule of law. We prevent future wars by continuing current wars and preparing more than ever.

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Gerard @ Clifford Chance
    12 Nov 2021

    Thanks playful_dragonfruit. You say that the reasons often given for wars are not all legal and not all moral. Can you think of any reasons for going to war that are legal and moral?

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