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Well done to everyone who took part in during the last Project on COP26, and the weekly Headlines topics too.

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Student Hub Highlights

Student Hub Highlights is a collection of the best contributions during the eight-week block of each Project. Was your school featured? Read it now!

Topical Talk students were awarded a massive 1149 stars!

Congratulations to our Thought Leader School - Rafah Prep (B) Girls School - we've made a special post for you here and we're busy getting your congratulation video and certificate ready. You can also see the other schools who made the Top 10 of the leaderboard below. Well to ALL schools who have participated so far - we cannot wait to see what you say about our next Project and Headlines!

Congratulations also to students who featured on our Student Leaderboard - also below. Healthy_antelope won the most stars during the last Project.

Certificates for schools on the leaderboards have been emailed to your teachers.

Final Leaderboard for August 23-October 28:


AFTER EACH PROJECT, WE RESET THESE LEADERBOARDS. everyone can see who is doing the best for the topics being covered recently.

This is because new schools and students join all year round, and it would take a long time for anyone new to catch up.

You have NOT lost your stars! They are still on your student and school accounts.

You have worked hard for them and we would not take them away!

We are just starting the leaderboards from zero so everyone has a fair chance to get onto it.

Your challenge is to be on the new leaderboard!

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