Read before writing about Afghanistan

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We're onto our next Project: Afghanistan!

This is a very complex and sensitive topic so please read these rules before writing about Afghanistan:

1.Comment as much as you can

You have a much higher chance of getting your work published if you comment on a post that already exists

2. Use trusted news sources

We recommend mainstream news outlets, such as:


BBC Newsround

The Guardian

Associated Press


3. Always show where you got your information

When you have found our information yourself, add a link to the news website that you got it from.

4. Remember - this is a public website

So please do not include any personal details or information in your work - we will not be able to publish them. Also, remember that lots of students use this website and so please do not include any stories or details that may be upsetting or inappropriate for other children to read.

5. If you post, always make it a QUESTION

Posts must be "Discussion Starters" which means they ask a question for other people to answer. They must include your opinion backed up with your reasons.

6. Want to start a discussion? Post about one of these areas

  • A recent news story about Afghanistan - if you see something has happened there that links to this topic, tell us about it and add a question of your own
  • The impact of events on people in Afghanistan - can you find out about someone or a group of people who we might not have heard about?
  • How the war in Afghanistan is viewed around the world - summarise what the news says about Afghanistan from your country
  • An idea or theme that has come from your lessons about this - for example, you might want to ask a more general question about a big idea like "conflict" or "safety" or "governments"
  • Something you would like to find out - and so others can respond to you to help

If we do not publish your post, we will give you feedback on why this is. You can find this in the "My work" section of this website. You are welcome to edit any unpublished work and resubmit it.

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