Should America have left Afghanistan?

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America had been helping Afghanistan for while until America thought Afghanistan was stable to run their governamet alone. Soon after this happened the Taliban took over Afghanistan and now the big question is should America have left Afghanistan?

My opinion is that the Americans didnt know that this would happen since it had been quite a while since this had happened. But if they did leave then there still would be a chance that this would happen again so i only blame America for what happened a 40%. If i was the leader of America then i wouldn't have left Afghanistan as there was a chance that the Taliban could come back again and i wouldn't want to risk it however i wouldn't be able to keep supporting Afghanistan for years and years so i would have to leave Afghanistan at one point and that is what i think the Americans thought.

Thank you very much for reading my piece and leave a comment about what you think.

by marvellous_lemon

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