Should you go to war even if you are considered as a peaceful person?

Afghanistan is currently facing a major warfare. With the whole of the population currently in danger, many citizens are struggling to live in peace now that the Taliban have taken over the country. Many Afghans say that what's happening is wrong and demand change whereas others may think that even if it means the situation may get worse, there could be a chance to fight for what is right for them. Let's take a look at the two sides of why and why not you should serve your country even if you are considered a peaceful person.

Yes, you should serve your country to fight for justice.

In some instances, war can be started and many men ( women as well) can be called up to fight for not just their country, but for the whole population. Even if you feel like battling against oppositions can lead to many more casualties, it can be important as it could enable others to live a life that they might live. You may feel like everyone should remain as peacful citizens but sometimes, war can be started IF there is support from its leadership, military forces, government agents and of course its people.

No, you should not go to war as it can cause chaos.

You should not go to war as it can involve many distressing and chaotic scenes. For example, in '' The Great War'' many troops, specifically at the age of 16, 17 and 18 (some boys lied about their age and referred themselves as fit and healthy young men) were all deceased due to the scenes during the conflict. Another reason is that it can be most likely to be dangerous and can injure or seriously kill people. Although you may be remembered as a ''hero'' for fighting for other people's lives, due to the amount of lives being taken, it may be unclear about whose human remains they belong to, so some soldiers are identified as ''The Unknown Soldier.'' The events can therefore lead to people seeking refuge, as it may not be safe for them to live in their country anymore.

My Point Of View.

In my opinion, it depends on how the events result in. Sometimes war can result in peace for countries. In others, it can result in terrorist attacks. Also, Remembrance Day - celebrated in the UK - will be coming up on the 11th of November so it will give us an opportunity to stop and take the time to remember those who fought for our lives. If you would like to find out more about the upcoming event, there is a website which has all of the extra information.

If you would like to share opinions in the comment section, feel free to do so! I hope you enjoyed my post!

By Lucky_Pineapple

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    12 Nov 2021

    You've explored both sides of the argument well here, lucky_pineapple, and I look forward to seeing what others have to say about your question!

    Do you think it's ever okay to conscript (force) people to sign up to be soldiers?

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg lucky_pineapple | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    12 Nov 2021

    I think that it is not okay to force people to sign up to be soldiers because it may mean that you would have to go through hard times and that most battles would be likely to involve violence. In other parts, it may be appropriate to sign others to serve their country, unless they are 16 or older or fit.

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    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Alexander @ Clifford Chance
      lucky_pineapple's comment 01 Dec 2021

      Thank you for your comment, lucky_pineapple. Can you think of some recent examples where governments have had to force their citizens to do things against their will? To what extent do you think the end can justify the means?

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  • British Council.jpg excited_agency | Tarun Madhyamik Vidyalaya | Nepal
    13 Nov 2021

    Your post is great. I think first we must follow the philosophy of nonviolence that India followed to be free from British rule. But if this could not help then I think we should participate in war even if we are peaceful people. For instance, Nepal was also ruled by autocratic Rana rulers for 104 years . The Ranas didn't give the chance for common people to educate and snatched many of their basic and fundamental rules.But people got united and started the people movement. Though many people got martyrdom and were killed they didn't give up . Because of this movement and war, the present people of Nepal are enjoying their rights and getting basic needs.Though we have to face a lot of problems our help and sacrifices will lead to a better future for the country and our generations.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      excited_agency's comment 15 Nov 2021

      Well done for bringing in historical knowledge to back up your opinion!

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  • British Council.jpg exuberant_keyboard | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Nov 2021

    From my point of view, if the country is the owner of the rights and the disputed resources, then anyone who feels belonging and loyalty to his homeland should go out and fight the enemy in the side of the homeland against the enemy in order to return the stolen rights and peacefully live.
    There may be many ways of fighting, there are those who fight with their pens, writing, art or education. Whatever the fighting way was, I believe that the rights should be return to its owners.

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  • British Council.jpg pioneering_wilddog | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Nov 2021

    In fact, no, no one is forced to do what he does not want, but sometimes, one cannot remain silent about the injustice, and remain idly by, while the lives of others are at stake, and then it is not necessary to fight to support those who are likewise They can be entrusted with making rallies or campaigns to support them, so we will help them morally, and increase their chance of winning.

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  • British Council.jpg healthy_antelope | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    16 Nov 2021

    Initially after reading the comments on this post, I see encouragement to start a war if diplomatic efforts cannot make a difference, But do we, as students, know fully how the course of war must proceed? Of course not, we have not gained enough political awareness!Therefore, we must always take the opinion of the professors of political philosophy and from the experiences of previous battles in history, and what I liked is that there is a female student who spoke about some battles and supported her opinion on them,But we have to deal more with the political philosophy to choose the option to start the war or not, because the experiences of history have become from the past and now the world has changed, the war tools and their results have changed from the past,In the past, we did not care much about the environment and how these environmental problems could develop and become global issues that threaten us, But now we have to pay attention because climate change has become an issue that threatens human life!! And the war and its effects will destroy the green nature, Therefore, according to the current situation, we can benefit from the experiences of countries in wars in the past in terms of the political plan that was drawn up, and this will open up more areas for thinking about the war plan,Because, of course, we will not only go to war with our soldiers and weapons, but also with our minds!
    And why did you choose political philosophy as a reference for choosing the option to start the war or not, because the war is the subject of political philosophy, Where the Arab revolutions were not established cognitively, this is why they failed!!! But Europe, after a century of political philosophy, paved the way for the success of its revolutions in the nineteenth century,But if we want to come to choosing peace, we have to go back to the philosophy of law, that is, we have to go back to philosophy because it is the basis of all sciences, even political sciences!

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  • Ditton Logo unparalleled_contribution | Ditton Primary School | United Kingdom
    16 Nov 2021

    As half the people who go to war with no choice, used to live a happy life but now they know there life will be upside down or even over i dont think its right.

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  • British Council.jpg smart_theory | Start-Rite Schools | Nigeria
    16 Nov 2021

    Before I begin, I would like to state that the person doesn't necessarily have to be peaceful to be forced to go to war. Now, In my opinion, I feel that forcing people to war is a crime against fundamental human rights! The right to freedom of speech and expression, forcing these people is also breaking Article 5 of universal human rights "Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment". To rest my case I will end with a quote.

    "Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.”
    — Ernest Hemingway, 1946
    I would also like to rephrase this quote

    "Never think that forcing people into war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a violation of human rights"
    — Smart_Theory.

    Thank you

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      smart_theory's comment 17 Nov 2021

      Thank you for using this quote as inspiration to give your own view!

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  • British Council.jpg accomplished_antelope | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    17 Nov 2021

    In my opinion, I think it is not a good idea to force a person to do something they do not like and do not want to do. Even if it is forced, it will not work and get the thing done perfectly. Everyone has freedom of expression, choice and opinion.

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  • British Council.jpg blissful_message | Pabna Cadet College | Bangladesh
    18 Nov 2021

    I think war is never a solution . If we want to solve anything we should create mutual understanding between all of us by listening and understanding from all perspectives . Because John Barth said , "Everyone is the hero of their own story." this means everyone thinks they are right until they changes their perspective of view. therefore we can stop all chaos around us by creating good mutual understanding and brotherhood between us.

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    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Nathan @ KPMG
      blissful_message's comment 22 Nov 2021

      Hi blissful_message, very well said. Do you think studying history will help guide perspectives in a more rounded way, allowing them to see situations from many points of view?

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  • British Council.jpg fulfilled_peach | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    20 Nov 2021

    The biggest equation was between Taliban and America. Perhaps the longest war in American history was the war in Afghanistan, and I think America had the greatest impact on Afghanistan because when I look at the history of Afghanistan, before all the assertions that are happening now, it begins with America so I think America is the strongest because they have more financial strength than Taliban , however, Taliban are profiting well .
    As the panic spreads among the people, after the entry of Taliban, it is believed that Taliban movement has the greatest influence on the history and future of Afghanistan.

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    23 Nov 2021

    Your post is great but I have a question for you. You say that many men and women can be called up to fight for their country, but what will you say to ignorant societies that deprive women of their rights and believe that the role of women is only in raising generations and it is not permissible for them to fight?

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    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Alex @ KPMG
      appreciative_pear's comment 01 Dec 2021

      Hi @appreciative_pear, you raise an interesting point that gender may restrict some people who may want to fight - could you research into this further and find out which countries of the world have restrictions for women in the military and which do not?

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  • Cyfarthfa Park Primary logo affable_orangutan | Cyfarthfa Park Primary C | United Kingdom
    24 Nov 2021

    No you shouldn't go to war even if you aren't a peace-ful person.

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    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Alex @ KPMG
      affable_orangutan's comment 01 Dec 2021

      Thanks for your comment affable_orangutan - could you expand on this further, why should people not go to war if they are not peaceful?

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      1. Cyfarthfa Park Primary logo affable_orangutan | Cyfarthfa Park Primary C | United Kingdom
        Alex @ KPMG's comment 07 Dec 2021

        They shouldn't because they would hate all the killing and fighting.

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    2. Cyfarthfa Park Primary logo understanding_argument | Cyfarthfa Park Primary C | United Kingdom
      affable_orangutan's comment 08 Dec 2021

      I agree with that but I also disagree because what would happen if their was only 20 people fighting for their country but they need reinforcements they will have to help their country.

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  • British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    01 Dec 2021

    The laws, rights and duties of war apply not only to the military, but also to members of militias and volunteer units that meet the following conditions:
    1- To have at its head a person responsible for his subordinates;
    2- It shall have a fixed distinctive emblem that can be recognized from a distance;
    3- To carry weapons openly;
    4- To comply in its operations with the laws and customs of war.
    In countries in which militias or volunteer units serve as the army, or form part of it, they are included in the category of the army.

    In my opinion, a person should not go to the army forcibly
    Everyone has the right to his opinion, especially if he is a young man who is still in the flower of his youth
    I think maybe this person doesn't want to go to the army because he's afraid of death
    If he died in the army, he would have died while he was forced to fight....

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      independent_technology's comment 01 Dec 2021

      Please make sure that your comment answers the question and that you don't copy information from other websites - especially if it isn't relevant. Your opinion is what we want to hear! (You will notice your other comments have been rejected where you have just included research).

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  • Cyfarthfa Park Primary logo ethical_attention | Cyfarthfa Park Primary C | United Kingdom
    07 Dec 2021

    I do not think they should go to war especially if your a peaceful person I do not think anyone deserves to go to war because they are not the people that started any of it they just go out to support there country but still risk there lives for other people not for them selves they are very selfless people!

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  • Cyfarthfa Park Primary logo introspective_science | Cyfarthfa Park Primary C | United Kingdom
    08 Dec 2021

    War is a devious thing, I know some people that were under 18 joined the war but realised that they should not have done that. Linking to this statement people did not know how TERRIBLE war was. People were to stubborn to people on how terrible war was, then they paid the price.

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