The war is over but life hasn't started yet

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During this time, many wars and many colonies led to the destruction of water, food, infrastructure and cities in countries.

When the occupation goes to the country that it occupied, it must have thought about its state and what will happen to it, but he did not think about what will happen to the occupied country in terms of destruction, torture and starvation like Afghanistan.

They destroyed the environment in Afghanistan, and they destroyed everything, and then they said, "Please give this money to fix everything."

Now Afghanistan needs to be revitalized in it, so it needs a plan of action that must include planting plants, establishing and developing a strong infrastructure that will last for the long term. There must be good engineering planning for service facilities so that it is easy to connect these people from these services. The establishment of institutions must be done. Awareness of human rights, especially women’s rights, and enhancing their participation in political and practical life gave them a role in public life, because women in Afghanistan are oppressed and do not take their full rights. New and advanced universities must be established in all fields such as technology, medicine and education and focus on establishing schools with interest in education for the future industry.
From my point of view, war does not come like this without a reason and that every president who declares war must have thought about what will happen, and when he declares war not for his own sake but for the sake of the country he heads, every president must accept war as it is and should not evade Including because if the opponent declares war, it will happen.
There is a question that I do not know the answer to: Who is responsible for taking the rights of those who live in war with their care and fear??

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  • British Council.jpg smart_glacier | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    09 Nov 2021

    I talked about the importance of building universities and institutions that aim to develop technology
    But don't you think that spreading peace will automatically lead to technological development?
    And do you think that there is someone who plays the educational role to spread the culture of safety and development already in place in Afghanistan?

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    1. British Council.jpg wondrous_flight | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      smart_glacier's comment 12 Nov 2021

      Regarding the first question: It is not necessary for universities and educational institutions to be concerned only with technology. There are many institutions that raise awareness about the culture of peace and security. All institutions, institutes and centers that are concerned and concerned with educational, cultural and social affairs must be in a parallel and similar line with the plan of the authorities. Local and international concerned with peace, stability and security because building universities and institutions, spreading culture, pluralism, equality and rights complement each other.
      Regarding the second question: I believe that there are very few who play the educational role in spreading a culture of safety and development. What is the reason for the existence of some groups and entities that reject this idea from its foundation because of misconceptions that have been entrenched among some citizens as a result of ignorance over the past years.

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  • British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    08 Dec 2021

    Well, in my opinion, the one responsible for the rights of those living in war is the constitutional, political and legal structure of states....

    But the general framework was trying hard to protect and promote human rights, but these attempts failed when they (the Taliban) overthrew them in [1992]....
    And when they held a meeting in Doha, it was said that the agreement does not include any statement about the human rights of the Afghans, and this is enough to expose them to neglecting the rights of the Afghans....!
    But I think that Afghans can stage strikes and mass demonstrations to demand their rights, because rights are the most precious thing a person has....
    Where is the Citizenship of Rights Council?
    And where is the consolidation of the principle of law?
    Why don't they take care of citizens' rights?!

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