Those who love peace must learn to organize as efficiently and effectively as those who love war.

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Hello reader, it is great to see a dialogue between peace and war that they fight and we will see who will die war or peace Are you fans of war or peace write in the comments

War is the opposite of peace, and it is a fight between two parties, with material and immaterial weapons and others in order to achieve its goals and victory over the other party and obtain a great reputation

Peace is for people to be in safety without fear in their hearts, and reassurance flies like a breeze from their hearts.

Let's start reading the dialogue

Salam: Where is my place on this planet?

War: There is no place for you.

Peace: It will be.

War: This planet is mine alone.

Salam: I did not think of killing any living creature.

War: They multiply!!

Peace: Life is not lived twice!

War: Life for the Powerful.

Peace: You endowed with safety for every living creature.

War: There is no value for those who have no value.

Peace: Man is the center of the universe.

War: Power is the center of the universe.

Peace: Man creates life.

War: Money buys life.

Salam: I will not leave this planet.

War: There is no place for you.

Peace: I have a place in every soul that loves life.

War: This planet belongs to me.

Peace: It is the property of man.

War: I killed him for power.

Peace: the greed for power is fleeting.

War: I have power, I have life.

Peace: How many have you killed in the name of authority??

War: Uncountable Forgotten Numbers

Peace: the memory of peoples is forgotten.

War: I am the only victor.

Peace: Everyone loses.

War: Look around you and stop dreams.

Peace: I will fulfill the dream of expelling you off the planet.

War: You can't.

Peace: Victory is my ally.

Who do you think will win, war or peace? In my opinion, according to my opinion, war is the one who will win because peoples have become addicted to wars. How can we stop them? So, is it possible to bring an addict back to his nature, except to deprive him of it, then a law must be applied to prevent wars

Peace, I think you will win because the feeling of security is a beautiful feeling when you sit with your family and enjoy this life a hundred times better than going out to fight and losing someone from your family and mourning for him

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    23 Nov 2021

    I believe that peace will triumph over war because peace is the main pillar on which peoples and nations are built, as it is the main factor that guarantees the stability and survival of the country, and it is the opposite of war, which destroys everything in society, and destroys all areas. Peace also comes from peace, and it means the harmony of people and understanding among them, which leads to intellectual and social homogeneity, to build a strong society free of pests, such as killing, conflicts, grudges, and others. Peace also leads to peace between foreign countries and some of them, which facilitates the exchange of experiences and transactions between countries and each other, in various fields, including health, education, economy, trade, and others. Achieving peace requires the formation of a set of principles and customs

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    1. British Council.jpg splendid_fruit | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      appreciative_pear's comment 03 Dec 2021

      Well, for me, I like very much to be realistic in life, so when you ask who will win, peace or war, I will be realistic in this question. As long as there are enemies in our country, war will always be victorious. When will peace win when there are no enemies? In your opinion, is there a country where there are no enemies? ? Peace is a wish that we wish for when we hear the explosions of war, so it remains that way until we get rid of the enemies. Your question is similar to the question of who wins the strong or the weak, of course the strong and weak peace as long as there is no unity and the war is as strong as you see us struggling, there is no peace for a struggling country.

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 Nov 2021

    What a wonderful dialogue for your question, who will win war or peace in my opinion, peace because people aspire to peace because it fulfills their hopes and makes them live a good life without fear of the sounds of war. Peace because war terrifies people, destroys the rights and innocence of children and demolishes buildings

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  • British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 Nov 2021

    I am really in these days and in this situation I never think that there will be peace in the world....
    There are peoples and countries who are really tired of wars, they get rid of those that lasted for twenty years, and others come for a thousand years...
    Shall we achieve peace someday?!
    Shall we not live in safety without fear?!
    Won't we live without the sound of planes and missiles?!

    Of course, I am with the idea of ​​peace, but with this world situation, I do not expect, or 0%, that peace will prevail one day...

    Why are they making wars?!
    Is it because the state is weak?!
    Is it just for fun?!
    Do they wage wars to show the world how powerful their country is?!

    And in my opinion, we can eliminate wars and general peace, but this needs a lot to talk about
    And as we know that today the method of spreading awareness and news is a method that we know from social networking sites, so why not publish here and there awareness campaigns to spread peace?!
    In my opinion, we can get rid of wars in this way
    We go out in demonstrations to demand our rights to a safe life
    Why don't we do that?!

    We can do everything and spread peace all over the world, but no one cares. Most in this world support wars....

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      independent_technology's comment 30 Nov 2021

      Good questions here! Your challenge now is to choose one and try to answer it yourself.

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      1. British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        Katie @ Topical Talk's comment 03 Dec 2021

        I have chosen to answer my question (Will we ever make peace)
        I think it's the most important question I asked and I thought about the answer a lot and came up with some solutions...

        Wars and conflicts around the world have decimated countries and the entire world. We must understand and deepen the concept of peace
        I will know the meaning of peace in my opinion: peace brings happiness and expels fear and anxiety, meaning that through peace the politics of nations and peoples will develop and all countries of the world will realize their ambition to make their people better....
        Here are some solutions to achieve peace:

        1_ The first step is to abolish the idea of ​​the army. We all know that the state consists of (a leader/king), an army and a minister. To achieve peace, we must abolish the army...!

        2_ States must get rid of the basic causes that lead to wars, conflicts or violence and its forms....

        3_ People should improve their human security

        4_ We can turn conflicts and wars into more peaceful relations...
        The idea of ​​building and achieving peace will remain, in my opinion, distinct.!

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        1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
          independent_technology's comment 03 Dec 2021

          I can tell you have thought about this a lot! Thank you for your suggestions. Do you think a country would ever volunteer to be the first to get rid of their army? Why or why not?

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          1. British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
            Katie @ Topical Talk's comment 03 Dec 2021

            Thanks for the star, and now I will answer your question: From my opinion, I am absolutely sure that the first army that will rid itself of itself is the Jewish army (the Israeli occupation in Palestine). Why do I expect this? Because I witnessed the May 2021 war, and even if it eliminated many refugees and citizens, specifically in Gaza, Hamas was able to defeat it in the end, and it was the most powerful war in Palestine, and through it we were able to determine that the Jewish army (Israeli occupation) will get rid of its army soon ....
            And if foreigners’ solidarity with Palestine is on all social media sites, it has become clear that this thing has become a weakness for them and their army is weakening day after day because most people around the world have sympathized with Palestine and denied the existence of the Jewish army (Israeli occupation), so I think By 98% that after this war they have become weak and will get rid of their army soon.....

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      2. British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        Katie @ Topical Talk's comment 10 Dec 2021

        Well, I chose to answer another question because I thought it was important and there are many people who do not know the answer to it..!

        I chose to answer my question (Why do they wage wars?!)
        First I will define war, war is a reciprocal armed conflict between two or more disharmonious states, the objective of which is to reorganize the geopolitics to obtain desired and self-designed results...
        Are there worthy reasons that justify all this destruction and the number of victims? Why do some countries enter into wars? In fact, whatever the causes of wars, they do not justify the destruction they cause.
        And after I read several historical books and searched the Internet, I found these reasons are the most common :
        1_ Greed for natural resources: This is the most common reason for the outbreak of wars...!

        2_ Finding border outlets: Sometimes some countries are not convinced of the extent of the borders separating them from other countries, so they rely on the idea of ​​waging war...!

        3_ Achieving control and leadership: Since the dawn of history, many empires have waged fierce wars in order to extend their influence and expand the area under their control (when I read about this reason, I found that even thousands of years ago, and for a very long time, tribes and peoples were waging war only for the reason that Check control and leadership)....!

        3_ Ethnic and racial conflicts: Tribal or ethnic conflicts in general are considered one of the most dangerous causes of wars that lead to the most dangerous, fierce and destructive wars...!

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        1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
          independent_technology's comment 10 Dec 2021

          Good research, independent_technology! Which of those causes is the most common, do you think?

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          1. British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
            Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 10 Dec 2021

            I also mentioned that the most common reason that leads to launching wars is the control of natural resources (in my opinion, the town that contains natural resources is the poorest, for example, [Africa] This continent is one of the continents that contains natural resources and many wars launched just for this reason)
            And there are also reasons I want to add and they are
            4_ Because of the good climate: there are many countries that war has been waged against and controlled only because their climate is moderate and suitable for living in them...!

            5_ Because of the geographical strategic location: Also, there are many countries that have been occupied by other countries because they occupy a geographical strategic position, for example, they link two continents, or they are located on the coast of a sea of ​​importance, or perhaps they are located between two economic countries, and maybe and maybe etc.... !

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