Was America's decision to leave right for the Afghan people?

Join Sacha Nuata and Tom to help build your knowledge about Afghanistan.

In this activity, our focus is on the perspectives of the Afghan people. Watch the videos below and then add your thoughts at the bottom of the page.

Introduction from Sasha

Did Afghan people want American troops to leave Afghanistan?

How might an Afghan person feel about this...

Would Afghan people have been happy with the way that America left?

The graph is also available to download and zoom in on here.

What do you think on our overall question:

"America's decision to leave was right for the Afghan people." Do you agree?

1 - Strongly disagree

2 - Disagree

3 - Neither agree or disagree

4 - Agree

5 - Strongly agree

Write the number that represents your opinion and give your reasons. The best answers will refer to some of evidence shown in the videos above.

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