Filmmaker Alicia Sams answers your questions!

We were thrilled to put your brilliant questions to Alicia Sams, a documentary filmmaker who co-directed By the People: The Election of Barack Obama (watch the trailer!)

We have also added some questions beneath each answer to challenge you to learn even more! Add your answers in the comments at the bottom.

Was it exciting to work with President Barack Obama?
active_guava, Hammond Junior School

Q: Alicia describes Joe Biden as "gregarious" - can you find out what that word means?

If Donald Trump wins the election, will he try to negotiate more time as president?
careful_science, Faringdon Community College

Q: We talk about a decision that Donald Trump might make about the Supreme Court - what decision is this? Click here to find out!
Q: Alicia says this election "could end up in the Supreme Court" like in the year 2000. Can you find out what happened then?

Do you think the electoral college system is fair?
poetic_passionfruit, Hammond Junior School

"The Senate" is one of the houses of Congress - which is a bit like our Parliament in the UK. People are elected from each state and represent that state in the Senate, where votes are held on laws. If the majority political party in the Senate is the same party as the president, it can make it easier for the president to pass laws. Alicia talks more about the Senate in the video at the very bottom!
Q: Alicia describes the electoral college system as "antiquated" - can you find out what this means?

Should the age you are allowed to vote at be lowered?
storytelling_king, Boutcher C of E Primary School

"Voter turnout" means how many people who are able to vote, do vote.

Do you think having a female president would be good for America?
buzzing_morning, Braiswick Primary School

"Bipartisan" means willing to work with the opposing political party.
Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's nomination for vice president, should he win the election. Mike Pence is Donald Trump's vice president. What can you find out about them? How important are they in the election race?
"Legislative agenda" means the laws that a person or a group want to create.
"Filibuster" means an attempt to block or delay the vote on a bill in the Senate by speaking at length and lengthening the debate so time to vote on it runs out.
Q: Alicia talks of Hilary Clinton making a speech about cracks in a glass ceiling - when did Hilary Clinton say this and what did she mean? Watch her speech here!

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