American Election - Final Piece

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Shawn Brown and I am 28 years old. I work in a factory that manufactures cars and planes. I live in North Carolina and I think my state has a good amount of electoral votes. Of all the policies, the economy is most important to me because of the job I have at this factory.

How do you feel about tomorrow's election?

I feel strongly about tomorrow’s election and I will vote because that vote can make a change. I feel excited for the election because I feel that my voice will be heard in some way and I get the chance to make a change to our country through my vote.

Why should people vote tomorrow?

I think people should vote because if they don’t they are missing an opportunity to choose who has the power over your country. If people didn’t vote, then the person they don’t like might be chosen so it’s a missed opportunity to get the person you want to be president.

How powerful do you think your vote is?

I think my vote is kind of powerful because my vote is worth 15 electoral votes even though I would rather live in California because votes there are worth 55 electoral votes. I don’t really feel that powerful with the amount of electoral points my state has but at least my state is worth more than Iowa.

Can you explain why some people might not vote?

I think some people might not vote because they might think their vote has enough electoral points so they don’t need to vote or it might be because they can’t get to the polling station at the time they are open or they can’t be bothered to go to the polling station.

What about the presidency? Would you ever run for president Why?

I would run for president because I feel that I can make a change to this country and that I have the power over a lot of people. I can’t be president yet because I am only 28 and you need to be 35 to run for president but I am looking to do it in the future if I can.

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I don’t like it that much because of the electoral votes because if you lived in a state with low electoral votes you will probably not feel your vote is powerful and not vote because you think your vote doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

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