American Election - Final Piece

BNC name: Storytelling_King

Name: Oscar Canci-Pelion

Age: 47

Occupation: Banker

What matters to you in the upcoming election: Economy

How many electoral points is your state worth: 55

What does your state normally vote for: Democratic

Who do you want to win: Donald Trump

Do you fancy yourself to be president of America one day: Yes

Can you tell me more about yourself:

Hello, my name is Oscar Canci-Pelion and I am 47 years old. I am a banker who has worked for Citigroup for the past 18 years! As a child, I grew up in Jaipur, India but at the age of 19 I moved to California in America. In my opinion, the economy is the most important policy as I am a banker and the economy keeps the city going!

How do you feel about tomorrow’s election:

I feel nervous since in the build-up to the election, Joe Biden was getting the slipping edge towards the presidency. Bad for me, I am a BIG Donald Trump fan. Donald Trump has made some very wise investments and he’s done a very good job from keeping the country safe from coronavirus. He has given everything for the country and he has led them into safety single-handedly. Who would we be to let him do all the dirty work and then change three quarters of the way through. Joe Biden has zero experience over the situation and I think he will reverse on the ways we were trying to do beforehand.

Why should people vote tomorrow:

People should vote tomorrow because policies can only change if you complain to the candidate. If you want the country to be better in your own opinion, the perfect thing to do is to DO SOMETHING. Write a letter, contact your local MP or just asking someone high up can make a change. Throughout history there have been hundreds of people desperately trying to get the vote for YOU. For example, the Suffragettes, fighting for equality to vote.

How powerful do you feel your vote is:

I think my vote is powerful as my state, California, has 55 electoral points. So yes, I think that when I vote, it can be heard across the country. But no vote, whether large or small electoral points, it is important.

Can you explain why some people may not want to vote:

People might not want to vote as if they live in small states they feel their vote matters. I strongly disagree as if everybody chooses one person to help along with millions of people, it is better knowing that the candidate had your choice than not. If one person doesn't vote, many won’t so that means the candidate has lost the neighbourhood trust.

What about the presidency? Would you ever run for president? Why?

I think I will run for president as I am quite well known to the people around me and I have got quite a lot of money to spend on campaigning. (I would need to work for a long time though to reach the amount!) It would be an honour to be a father not just to 3 sons and 2 daughters but millions spread out across the country. I am an Indian so I am not racist and happy to have people of each colour. I think that I show the qualities needed to be a president -obviously there are more things I need to be good at like Law but I show three important ones- which are Patriotism, I am quite clever in investments and I am rather resilient.

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I disagree and agree with it. I disagree as people who live in small states and are not as wealthy to move to a big state. Also, I think that age should be lowered as people under eighteen have 70/80 years ahead of them so if they make one bad mistake, they can learn not to do it in the future. I agree though as you can be heard at all times and it doesn’t matter what state you are in because if your family keep rotating democratic, republic, democratic, republic, the candidate can spend less money in your state but more across the country.

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