Americans election

Hello i am Hayley woods and i am happy that joe Biden has won the election because i think Donald Trump was not fare and rude he did not care about the world much and he was not supportive over his country and only cared about him self and no one else joe been wanted to give money to schools to make the children education better by new things to help there learnings and to be smart in their future but on Donald Trumps side he thought the children already have a nice school so why should they need more he also did not care about the Environment and did not wnat to make it better and for all the litter on them seas to go and all the people not caring and just littering he wanted nothing to do with it but on Joe Biden side he cared and wanted it to stop unlike Trump many animals living in the sea are dying or already dead because of the people who don't care about them ano they are getting stuck in litter and eating it thinking its food they shoUtd be eating it and it get stuck in there throat and then they and not heathy and don't having a high change of staying alive and it not nice so we need to STOP littearring to save the world for the future generations so they have fresh air and beautiful sea so more animals sTay alive and i think Joe Biden would do that and Donald Trump would not so thank you for reading and hope you agree

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