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This is ingenious_forest, and this is my final piece:

Citizen Profile:

Name: Hannah Freeman

Age: 37

Occupation: Dentist

What matters to you in the upcoming election?:

I hope that American healthcare takes one of the priorities for the two candidates, as the healthcare in the States at the moment isn't great; dentists do not have good salaries, and the equipment that we use is very cheap.

How many electoral votes is the state you live in worth?:

Ohio is worth 15 votes.

How does your state usually vote?:

Ohio generally votes as a swing state.

Who do you plan to vote for:

Joe Biden

Could you be President yourself one day?


Power points! How powerful do you feel your vote is? Put an X on the scale:

Not powerful Very Powerful


Can you tell me a bit about yourself?


Hi, my name is Hannah Freeman, I am 37 years old, and I work as a dentist for Signature Smiles Dental Clinic (if you want to have your teeth checked, our clinic is on 172nd East street Cleveland!) In this election, I would really like some recognition to be given to American healthcare workers, as we do not have great salaries, and the equipment we use is very cheap. This annoys me as even before the pandemic, we were not supplied with the correct equipment, and we're having to turn patients away as we could not handle them, because of the lack of specialist tools.

How do you feel about tomorrow’s election?

I feel a little nervous, as I am not sure of how I am going to vote yet. I am thinking of voting at the City Court, but there may be too many people there, and this worries me a bit, because I do not want to contract the coronavirus, and accidentally pass it on to one of my patients.

I also feel quite happy that after months of build-up and breakdown, the election is finally here, and we don't have to worry about who is going to be President anymore.

How powerful do you think your vote is?

If I am being completely honest, I would say that my vote is probably quite a powerful vote. In Ohio, we are generally a swing state for most elections, and if it is my one vote, that swings the whole election, then quite obviously, it is a powerful vote!

I also say that my vote is important, and could swing the balance towards Biden because the American healthcare industry does not like the way Trump has been downgrading what healthcare sectors have done before this pandemic came along.

Why should people vote tomorrow?

I think people should vote tomorrow because of three things:

Firstly, as I said previously, their vote could sway the balance one way or another.

Secondly, if you don't vote, and the person you did not want to win does, then how are you going to feel? You are probably going to regret what you did, and wish you voted. All votes count and don't forget that.

Finally, you should really vote if you live in a swing state especially. I say this because, in swing states, there is usually only a 1-2% margin between Democratic and Republican voters. I know that there is quite a high possibility that there will be a completely 50-50 vote, and this could annoy some people, but again I say; your one vote could swing the balance one way or another.

Can you explain why some people might not vote?

Um, yeah, I'll have a go!

Obviously, I cannot see inside peoples minds, but I reckon that anybody who decides not to vote does that because either they feel their vote will be wasted, as the person they want to win loses, or that they do not support either of the candidates running to be President.

I also think that people who do not vote think that the state they live in does not have a chance of winning with the candidate they support, and so they, again, think their vote will be wasted.

What about the presidency? Would you ever run for president? Why?

If the chance was available, I think that I could run for President; I don't know how many votes I'd get, as I do not know about politics or the law, but I think I would probably have some good policies...

If the option was available, I would take it, but it will probably never pop-up, and I really like my job as a dentist for now.

I think being president might be quite a big step up!

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I feel that the American voting system at the moment is pretty fair and democratic. I have heard a lot of rumours that the Russians are going to dabble in this election like they supposedly did back in 2016.

I am not an expert, but I am pretty sure that I can confirm these rumours are not true, the Russian government have got too much on their hands at the moment, what with the pandemic and everything.

The voting system is also a little bit complicated because it over-complicates the ways to vote, and the voting cards etc.

The government probably should change this, as it seems to me that people have been talking about this, and they may be throwing away their votes because they don't understand the voting system.

Thanks for talking to us Hannah, could you tell us anything more about how you think this election will go in general?

Yes of course.

I think this election will have a big difference to the 2016 election, partly because of the pandemic, changing how everything will work.

Partly because of the candidates, and their attitudes, and their stereotypes.

I also think that the election will have a lot of people annoyed at the outcome because it will be quite tight compared to the election results in 2016, with Donald Trump taking nearly 60% of the votes over Hillary Clinton. I reckon that there will likely have to be a recount because the votes will be so close; possibly even exactly 50-50!

Thanks Hannah, have a good day.

You're welcome, thank you for chatting with me!

Thank you for reading my final post, as it was pretty long. I have really enjoyed this topic, and I cannot wait to hear the results of the election in a few weeks!


Comments (9)

  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    21 Oct 2020

    A very in-depth look at the reasons for this citizen, which consistently come back to health care - well done! Is there evidence that Joe Biden has handled health care issues well in the past?

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    1. Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg ingenious_forest | Faringdon Community College
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 22 Oct 2020

      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for taking the time to read my final piece,

      That is a good question, I cannot find any material to answer that question, so I apologise if, in the post, I placed some false information, although I can answer the question;

      How will Biden help American healthcare?

      He will take over "Obamacare", to oppose Trump's so-called "Trumpcare". Biden will put a plan into action; the Affordable Care Act.
      This act aims to:

      "Give every American access to affordable health insurance."

      "Provide the peace of mind of affordable, quality health care and a less complex health care system."

      "Stand up to abuse of power by prescription drug corporations."

      "Ensure health care is a right for all, not a privilege for just a few."

      If you would like to review these aims, you can visit:

      I hope this has answered the questions you had Tom, and if not, feel free to ask some more!

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg flowing_strategy | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    21 Oct 2020

    This is a great final piece! Although I have one question:
    How will the election this year change because of the pandemic?

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    1. Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg ingenious_forest | Faringdon Community College
      flowing_strategy's comment 22 Oct 2020

      Hi there flowing strategy,
      Thank you for reading my post, and form that question, I can see that you took in all the details!
      This year, the election will change because it will be harder to vote, with the pandemic, as it is a group of people in a small space,
      The election results this year may take a bit longer to come through, because of all the sanitary procedures needing to be taking place.
      Also, the election debates, campaigns, and the overall election will have to change due to the procedures needing to be followed, to stop the spread of the virus.
      If you have more questions, or this comment has raised anymore in your head, please do comment again, or visit my post on different ways to vote in this election:
      Thank you again for reading through this post,


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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg decisive_redcurrant | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    21 Oct 2020

    This was a very alluring final piece ingenious_forest
    I really enjoyed reading this piece of amazing work.
    Even though this piece of writing was very long i learnt so much about the American voting system and your opinions on the American election.
    I love the fact that you said that the voting system in America was confusing and I agree with that big time you know why because of the POPULAR votes and the ELECTORAL votes t very confusing as you have to count all the popular votes then have to go to some states in America and ask who they would like to vote. And the thing is most of the bigger states turn out to be SWING STATES places and It can be really difficult for them to pick.
    So I strongly agree with you on that valuable point you made well done ingenious_forest well done!!

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  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg mindful_thought | Streatham Wells Primary School
    23 Oct 2020

    That was great but I think the American election system isn't very fair because some people feel like their vote doesn't matter

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  • Cheam Park logo eager_reflection | Cheam Park Farm Primary | United Kingdom
    27 Oct 2020

    Great final piece ingenious_forest!

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