Do politicians have more power over the public?

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I think politicians don't have more power than the public because the public vote for who they want to be the next prime minister, mayor and vice-president and these politicians only do a campaign to try to get people to vote for them. Polititians only get power if they win the election they are participating of like Donald Trump on the last American election,he wasn't powerful and a ruler of his country before he became president, he was only a politician doing his campaign and that is the same with all politicians from all around the world and you can't become powerful before the public have agreed with that and that is with all the powers this person may get. There are few things you might need in order to become a power of your country like a great campaign and a excelent reputation because if you don't have those things you won't get voted for and that is also why we have an age limit to vote because if a two year old could vote they wouldn't understand who they are voting for because they are not that conscious yet and might not vote for a good candidate and also not a good future for their country,city or town (even with the help of their parents they might not vote for someone good especially if their parents,family or carers don't vote for someone good either).

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