Do think America would want another man president?

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Hello, I am protective_dusk and I am here to discuss whether people in America would want another man president, or a woman president instead. I personally think a woman president could be better because all of the presidents of America have been men, and will be for at least four more years, and I think some people in the USA would want someone different though. Let's start with the men first. All of the presidents of the USA have been men. Generally, men have more strength than women, and some people would think that men would be better at president too. So far, men have made quite good presidents, unless like Trump who had promised to do lots off things but has not, and they have been relatively good at debating, and discussing issues. But there have been some disagreements on that. Now let's go on to woman becoming president. At the end of the day, women and men are both equal, but in the past, that was not the same. Women would protest and debate for human rights, and they still do it today. Women could also make good American presidents too. They also have the strength to debate and discuss ideas and opinions, and get lots of money to do so.

So in the end I think they are both equal, and they both have the right to do it too. Of course, this year they would not be a women American president because Joe Biden and Donald Trump are this year candidates, but it does not mean that in the next four years they will not be a woman president. As long as you were born in America, lived their for at least fourteen years, and be over thirty five, anyone could be become president! I think a women one would be better because America might like someone different, but I wonder what you think! Tell me in the section what you think! Thank you for reading my post. protective_dusk!

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