Do you think there should be a younger President?

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Most campaigners (for President) that we know are older people. I think there should be a younger President so we can have a change and let the younger people have their say. Younger people in my opinion are more creative. I want to see how they would handle everything when in control of their country. Even though there have been older Presidents over the years, it might be a better idea to have another old President.

Older people can be more wise and treat people how they were treated. But, also having to be wise and imaginative, you have to handle it all of the work you have to do supporting the country and making all of the right decisions. We all make mistakes and we all have the right for a second chance which the campaigners should use. My mind is trying to think if older people can respect more or younger.

I think that we all need a change!

Do you think we should have a younger or older President this time?

Have a nice day! :)

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