Does the public deserve a democratic vote?

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Hello, my name is reflective_artic_fox, and in this post I will be discussing whether or not the citizens of America deserve to have a democratic vote (a vote by the public).

There are many reaons why and why not the country of America could vote for the election of their new leader. For one thing, every single person deserves freedom of speech. For another, the public could be slightly biased and believe if it the canditate says that they are not lying in some way when and if they claim that they alone can do the impossible.

Below are some more reasons why the the public should have a democratic vote:

• The public can tell who will treat them better by looking at their history. (The citizens could examine what the runners have done in the past and judge by how they treat people before. However, Biden would be hard to determine as his history is not much known. Trump would be easier as he has already been there for four years. They can just see what he did to them and decide on that basis. Although this happening would not be very common, there s a chance that it might just occur.

Another reason could be that the citizens all would want their own voice heard and rightly so, as the government might just pick whom they favour. All people do deserve at least them to be listened to, and accounted for. Luckily, the public are allowed freedom verbally and mentally to vote for whom they think will do the job best.

These are all reasons why they should have a public vote. The following are all reasons why they should not have a democratic vote:

The vote could cause quarrels and differing opinions upon who will win the election. What's more, people could round on the government instead, and riot. This seems a bit exaggerated, but it could happen. Or they could even break the law! Many people would want their choice to win, but what would happen if it became 50/50! They could allow an odd number to vote, but if they didn't, what would happen? Maybe neither would win. Or both!

They could change their mind right after they had entered, and their opinion would also change. They would disagree with what they put originally and transfer, but it could be too late. if the person they voted for but didn't want to won, they could ignore all the advice given during times like COVID 19. If the advice was good, they could potentially put their lives in danger, and it could result in sinister injury.

In conclusion, I think that the public should have a democratic vote. The reasons against this have little chance of occurring, as they should consider carefully who they are electing for. Every single being on Earth deserves to have freedom of speech and their single voices heard over the midst from others. This includes for elections of prime minister, president and also the Queen/King.

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