Donald Trump or Joe Biden

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My oppinion

I think people should vote for Joe Biden because he doesn't want to make a wall between Mexico and America but Donald Trump does want to make a wall.So I think Joe Biden beacuse he is basically if there was a family in Mecsico and a family in Americ, they won't be able to see each over again.Joe Biden wants to give the school and 👩‍🏫 teachers more money to help the schools but Trump wants them to not have school and only pay for univisety.

👩🏻‍I will chose Joe Biden beacuase he is a better leader and I DONT want Donald Trump to build a was in between Mexico and America.

👧🏻I will chose Joe Biden because mommy said she likes him and he is better then Donald Trump beacuase that is her opinion so It will be my opinion to.

👨🏼‍🦳I pick Donald Trump beacuase he knows a lot about his country and my dad used to be a cheerfor him!

👵🏻I pick Donald Trump beacuase he has more money and I like money but he won't share it with us so Joe Biden because he is a kind person to the world.

I would pick Joe Biden because I don't want him to build a wall like Donald trump wants (between Mesico and America because )I'm worried what he would do.If he stops school from happining when the kids go to university they won't really know anything and how to do the work.

But it's all about opinions so what you think is what you think and what people think it's what they think.So listen to you class wile the do this and work togever.

Now time to ask questions

When you don't know somthing in school put you hand✋up and the teacher will explain,but here just put a question and the BNC people will answers

thanks for reading


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