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We all know Donald Trump, the current president of the USA. Trump is famously known for this great post on social media, "Let's make America great again!". But during his time of being president, did he make the US better in any way?

Before being elected, Donald Trump promised that he would open up the coal mines forever to make US residents want to vote for him. After saying this, he was then elected because:

  • The people who worked in the coal mines would be able to work there again and earn their money back.
  • All of the people who lived in Pensilvania voted for him as that is the state that he grew up in.
  • He promised to "Make America great again."

But a year after the election, he closed the coal mines again and said they would be closed for the rest of his time as president. I believe that in this election coming up, he will not be elected because the people who worked in the coal mines will no longer trust him. But who could blame them? However, they may also believe that if they elect him, he might change his mind, but then again Joe Biden might open up the mines too.

Donald Trump is also famous for his "Build a wall!" statement. The main idea was to build a wall so that Mexico couldn't walk across the river, get into the US and get themselves a free holiday. But some people think this is unfair. What do you think? Do you believe that Trump is right to build the wall? Or do you think that he is being unfair? Let me know in the comments down below!

What you have just read is the kind of president Donald Trump is! What do you think of him?

Thanks for reading!

valuable_vegetable 😊

BNC FACT CHECK: Donald Trump does not want to build a wall to stop people from getting free holidays. He is building the wall to try to stop people from crossing the border between Mexico and the US illegally. Want to know more? Look here:

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