How do the presidents plan to help our education

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How do the presidents plan to help our education

Here is how the two canidates plan to help our education

Donald Trump

Donald Trump wants to make the governement less involved in schools so states can make decisions individually. Do you think this a good idea? He would also continue to make financial support easier for students to access so they can afford to go to university. He plans to give $1.4 billion for school choice, including $18 million for charter schools, a new plan to give $250 for children to enroll in private or religous schools. Another thing he plans to do is bump $15 to$16 million for disadvantaged students. Do you like Donald Trumps plan?

Joe Biden

Joe Biden wants to try and pay teachers more and help schools buy new recourses. He has a $750 billion plan to improve higher education and try and make it more affordable. He also wants to make universty free for some students. He also wahts to have more teachers from different backgrounds. He espacially wants to help the teachers as they have been leaving their jobs.

Both of them have very different ideas however which do you think will help america? As you know in america schools are quite hard like from the shootings and just overall. It must be quite hard for the students. Both presidents have a bold idea of what the want to do with the education. Both just want to help. However which one do you think could help America. Can I just add they are both very good candidates and both just want to help.

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