How does the American election work?

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Hi, I am sincere_atom and i will be explaining how the American election woks. The American election is very different and more complicated than how it works in the UK.

The American election is the system they use to elected the new president (every four years) to run the entire of America. Firstly, both of the parties (republicans and democrats) each get to vote for one candinate to run for president. Next, between January and June, the parties hold little votings in each state ( 50 states in total) to vote for which candinate they want to win the voting.

On the first Tuesday in november americans will vote for people called electors in their state who are supporting the candinate they want to be president. The more people that live in a state the more electors that state has. In the end there is a total of 538 votes across all states in America.

The candinate with the most electors votes wins all the states electral votes and the first candinate to get to 270 votes will win the entire voting and become the new president!

But not just anyone can become president. Below are the rules listed:

-Must be 35 or over

-Must have lived in America for at least 14 years

-Been born in America

Now that we have summed up evrything i would like to say that I dont think this system is fair because if you wanted the republicans to win the election for example and then you had to vote for a elector in your state and you voted someone who was supporting the republican party but everyone else voted for someone who supported the democrat party then a democrat supporter would win the electors place and then the candinate that was in the democrat party would win your states voting. If that was me I would be quite frustated that my candintate didnt win.

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