How voting has changed in America over the years.

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Voting from 1776-2013:

In 1776 (245 years ago), only people who owned land could vote for who they wanted to be president. In that time if someone inherited land, they must a been very wealthy.

Less that 100 years later, the law changed and white men could also vote (in my opinion this still wasn't fair for everyone else).

Soon after(in 1864), American soldiers who were over seas, in another country, could vote only by post.

4 years later, black men who had been enslaved where soon known as citizens and and had the right to participate in the election (but it was still difficult for them to vote because a lot of people thought they should not have the power to vote).

Another law was changed in 1952 and people who had asian ancestors had the right to vote in the election.

Then came 1965, the Voting Rights Acts ended. Voting became possible for black women and it was easier for black men if they wanted to vote.

1975, info about voting was translated into many different languages other than english.

In 2013 the Voting Rights Act was scraped from a lot of states.

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