Interveiw with modest_glacier.

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Hello there, I am modest_glacier and I am going to be doing an interveiw today.

Interveiwer: "Can you tell me a bit about yourself?"


"Hello I am modest_glacier and I am 35 years old. I am a single mother of two and I am a Scienctist but I used to be a teacher. The matters to me in the upcoming election is, education, cures for bad diseases and the environment/ climate change."

Interveiwer: "How do you feel about tomorrows election?"


"I feel eager and happy because I am going to vote for Joe Biden insted of Donald Trump and I think this country needs a change."

Interveiwer: "Why do you think people should vote?"


"I think people should vote because I think in my opinion the country needs a little change and that we need a new president. I also think voting is important."

Interveiwer: "How powerful do you think your vote is?"


"I think my vote is quite powerful because I am a Scienctist with a good education. I have quite a lot of money. I care about the environment due to climate change and all of the littering, I hope my vote counts."

Interveiwer: "Can you explain why some people might not vote?"


"Some people might not vote because of their age and they can't vote, maybe they are not intrested or some people may not understand."

Interveiwer: "What about presidency? Would you every run for president and why?"


I would run for president, as I said I have a good education and I am a Scientist, I have a bit of money and my age is suitable. I have lived in America for over 14 years. It would be a dream and also my electronal vote in my state is 15. I am also a female so I might not make it.

Interveiwer: "How do you feel about the voting system in America?"

I think the American voting system is fair because it ias easy and nothing should change. I also think it is unfair because I think the age limit for voting should be changed down to 16.

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