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Interviewer:"Can you tell me a bit about you self?"


"Hello I am outstanding_plum I am 23 years old.My occupation is a teacher but I used a be a student.In the upcoming election the things that matter to me are education and climate change.I live in a swing state."

Interviewer:"How do you feel about tomorrows election?"


"I feel exctied and nervous.Exctied because we might get a new president.Nervous because Trump might be elected and then not help children have a good education and he doesn't want to help with climate change.By the way Im voting for Joe Biden."

Interviewer:"Why should people vote tomorrow?"


"In my opinion people should vote tomorrow because we need a change of president.I don't think Trump was that good at being preident because he said he would make America great again but he made worse."

Interviewer:"How powerful do you think your vote is?"


"I think my vote is not powerful because Im a teacher and it does not really state doesn't have many electrol college votes like some states do."

Interviewer:"Can you explain why some people might not want to vote?"


"Some people might not want to vote because they dont want to vote becuse their not interested or its not that accesible or of their age is unsuitible ."

Interviewer:"would you ever run for president?"


"I woudnt run for president because I am not old enough, I am not that wealthy, I was not born in America and I have not lived in ameica for long enough."

Interviewer:"How do you feel about the voting system in America?"


"In my opinion the voting system is unfair because it is very confusing and hard to do."

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