Is Donald Trump faking he had coronavirus?

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Hello, my name is flowing_strategy and we will be discussing if Donald Trump is faking that he has coronavirus.

In the start of October Trump caught coronavirus. But then, recently this week, it appears that Donald Trump has "recovered" completely. Suprisingly, that was only 5 or 6 days ago. And, a few days before his positive test he had his debate with Joe Biden and many other spectators, along with his rallies. And Joe Biden surprisingly hasn't contracted the virus yet.

There are also many rumors that he recieved false treatment, because of the extremely short period of time. He said he recieved treatment in Hospital, but only stayed for less than 2 days. Where patients usually stay for more than 5 days. His doctors mentioned that he was better only within the first 24 hours of being hospitalized. How could he be well so quickly?

He also seems to have called his coronavirus diagnosis "a blessing from god," which is pretty unusual, because of the severity of COVID-19.

Is all this a hoax? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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