Is fake news effecting election results

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Is fake news effecting election results?

Firstly, lets discuss what fake news actually is. It is a type of news that spreads false information, mainly important things going on around the world for example the American election. Before, fake news mostly appeared in print however now we have social media which makes it easy to access and easy to spread. Now a days these platforms can sometimes be spreading fake news a lot to make people change their mind on what to believe in. This might not seem like a big problem, but I think it is!

You see, if you are not an expert in spotting fake news you may sometimes believe what you read on social media, but it may be fake news. This can actually make a big difference. For example, if you already know who you want to vote for, but go on social media and there is a post saying something bad about the president you want to vote for, that could make a big impact on your opinion. You could suddenly think bad of the president and change your mind, and if this was fake news it had tricked you. It made you change your mind however the information you found out may not be true. How can you tell what is right and what to believe? Is this fair? Also, if it is not fair how do we stop it?

Since now social media has become much more popular loads of people use it a lot. But this can be a problem as people can sometimes believe the fake news. Instead of watching news people often just use online sources e.g youtube, instagram, facebook and so on. Sometimes you can actually get real news but people use it also as a way to spread fake news and convince peope to believe them.

In my opinion if you ever want to be sure that what your reading is true you should check on dfferent sources or just watch the news. You can also speak with a grown up and have a discussion about what you want to know. What can you do to avoid fake news? Have you ever believed fake news?

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