My American's Interview!!!

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Hi, I'm spontaneous_maths and this is my Final Piece for the AMERICAN ELECTION!! I hope you like my post!!!

My Character:

Name: Kedija Adam

Age: 24

Occupation: Professional Doctor

What matters to her in the upcoming election:

Whoever wins will increase salary payments and lessen the hours of work for doctors all over America.

Electoral votes worth: 15

State Type: Republican

Plans to vote for: Donald Trump

Could she be president: No

Power points: Not powerful__________________________________________o__________________Powerful

My Interview:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

For starters my name is Kedija and I am an American. I am a doctor which means I help people who are in need or at risk. I actually live in California, the biggest state in America.

How do you feel about tomorrow's election?

I'm kinda bored because I just want to know who the new president is { or old/ Donald Trump } and get this debate over with.

Can you explain why some people might NOT vote?

They might not be old enough or just might not want to because of their feelings for the campaigners.

How POWERFUL do you think your vote IS?

I think my vote is quite powerful because where I am right now, votes are worth 15.

Why should people VOTE?

People should vote because if they don't it's like a balloon but without that vote it POPS!!!!

How do YOU feel about the voting system in America??

I think the voting system in America is a tiny bit unjust but to be straightforward I don't know everything about America's assumptions.

Would YOU run for presidency???

I don't think I'd like to run for president because I've already got soooooooooo many responsibilities and so if I campaign and win, I'd have another authority to manage. And plus I'm not old enough, you did know in America you HAVE to be at least 35+ to become president? Anyways, moving on.................


Generally I think everyone should get to vote because then everybody gets a chance to share their thoughts of who they think is a better president, but sometimes you just HAVE to be patient for things to change.

I fancy you've enjoyed my FINAL PIECE!!!

Thanks for reading, BYE!!!!

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