My Final Piece (INTERVIEW)

Hope you enjoy my final piece

Occupation-buisnessman who helps grow other small buisnesses

What matters to you in the upcoming election?- housing-imployment-trade and education

How many points is your state worth? 55

How does your state usually vote? Democrat

Who do you plan on voting for- Joe Biden

Could you be a president one day? Yes

How powerful do you think your vote is?9/10 --------------------X----

Can you tell me about yourself?

Greetings,thankyou for having me. My name is Aron Costa I am a 48 year old buinessnessman who grows other buisnesses so that means I am really into the Economy. I am also a new yorker. In this upcoming election I am intending to vote for the person that is seriously determined to deal and resolve the several problems that is leaving a dent on our nation.Some of these problems I am talking about is Trade,Housing,Employment and Education. I am a bit disapointed how the current goverment tackled the pandemic so I hope whoever steps up can get us out of this mess. Enough about me, lets get rolling with the other questions.

How do you feel about the American Election?

To be honest with you, I have butterflies in my stomach because of the uncairtanty of who will win.Given that whoever wins will control our country; it is important that our decision on whom we want to be the president should be based on actual facts on the ground and not just biased opinions heard here and there . Apart from that I am really eager about the american election and hoping tomorrow will be a notable day.

Why should people vote tomorrow?

Voting is one way of showing our unwavering patriotism and profound love for the country we are living in. It is a strong indication that we are not indifferent on how matters are handled by those who are on the driving seat;our policians. Voting is may not be a duty but it is a right of every American citizen who wants to have a say on various policies proposed by the leading party in the different fields of our econonomy. Voicing our agreements or disagreements on any of these policies can be done through a democratic way which is voting.The latter,also is a one in a four years opportunity to get rid of any dishonest and corrupted politicians who is wrecking havoc on people's lives. Hence we have to seize it and use it wisely.

How powerful do you think your vote is?

My vote is very important and can be as decisive as everyone else's vote. It may well sway the election's result one way or another,favouring one candidate over another. Therefore, my vote will play a key role in appointing the future president. In fact,everyone's vote matters and we should be grateful that we have our say in these democratic political affairs because others don't such as Ex-fellons under-18s and people in countries like south korea.

Explain why some people might not want to vote?

Some people dont go to vote because they feel that, like everytime, his vote will be insignificant or rigged. This lack of trust and its unfairness deters him from taking part in the election. Another reason is they are not allowed to take part because they are one of these following things, under 18, an Ex-fellon or you are not a citizen. I have noted some of the respectable and rational reasons why people may not want to vote but there are also lots of lousy excuses used to get out of voting. The things I am talking about is ' I will get wet if I line up' or I didn't vote because I found the policies consfusing' honestly that is just pathetic.

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

My views on the voting system is that the voting system is a unfair way to chose a president because you need to put a president through what he/she has already went through. For me the popular vote is enough to decide who will run our country after all it is all our country combined unlike the electoral college spliting our country into states.An example of this is in 2017 when Hilary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral college and she didn't get elected.

Will you ever decide to run for President?

My plan is to do exactly that. I believe that if I try to be a candidate and succesfully win I can bring alot to this nation and help it get back to its former glory. Another reason I think this is I am quite rich 4.5 billion to be exact, and with that money I could use it for my campaign to drive the election in my favour and use it to help with the problems in our world. If I want to do all of these things I need to wait a lengthy 4 years but in the mean time I can get ready for it and think of how I can change this country forever.

Thank you for your opinions and time.

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