My interview with a voter

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Repoter:Tell me a bit about your self?

Me:Hello I'am Excited_Banana and I'am a 45 year old Doctor.

Reporter:How do you feel about the Election?

Me:I feel sad because I think more people like Joe Biden than Donald Trump.

Reporter:How powerful do you think your vote is?

Me:I do not live in a swing state so i do not think it's that powerful.

Reporter:Why should people vote tomorow?

Me:I think every vote counts but thats just my opinion.

Reporter:Can you explain why some people might not vote?

Me:I think people do feel the need to vote.

Reporter:Would you try and become president.

Me:Me no never because I am Australia.

Reporter:How do you feel about the voting system?

Me:I think it is fair.

This was made by Excited_Banana

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