Session five: your Final Piece

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Please don't look ahead if you haven't done the session yet in the classroom, as that'll ruin the fun!


Have a go at these recap questions. You can use the keyword hints below to help.

  1. How do elections make a presidential candidate powerful?
  2. How do elections make the people powerful?
  3. How do some people in society have more power than others to become president?
  4. Why do some people feel their vote is less powerful than others?
  5. What might happen if people didn’t vote?
  6. What have you heard in the news about the American election over the last few weeks which has influenced your thinking on this issue?

Keyword hints: power, democracy, electoral vote, popular vote, candidate, rules/criteria, policies, make a change, fair/unfair, possible/impossible, powerful/powerless


A Final Piece is the last piece of work you do for each Issue and it brings together everything you have learnt. For this Final Piece you will create your own American voter character and answer interview questions from this perspective. Use the sheet to plan your answers and then write up your interview as a POST and submit it for moderation. Don't forget to mark is as "Final Piece"!

Over to you!

This week, you'll need to start work on your Final Piece - head to WRITE POST and don't forget to save your work.

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