Should electoral points be changed?

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In America they have diferent states, which have electoral points. Should this be fair? Should everyone be equal?

Yes, they should change the rules.

I think they should change the rules as many people will lose interest in politics if they do not feel their opinion is being heard. Also, how is this fair if people from bigger states get the priority even though they might have the same amount in talent in law or politics the others. For a example if a community in Wyoming, which has 3 electoral points, feels a candidate is being rude or disrespecting them and they chose to vote against him, they only give 3 points against him so it doesn’t really make the difference. Also I think that it is everyones decision to chose the future of their country so why should only some people get a say. Surely this the life on everyone in the country not just the biggest states.

No, they should keep the rules.

I think they should keep electoral points the same as it doesn’t make much of a difference anyway so why should they have to change it. There is hundreds of points they need to get, so the smaller states are still important to lots of candidates. States are useful in their own ways and the bigger states have better degree and education then the others since they have more money then lots of the smaller states.

My Opinion.

I think that all the states should have equal points as if California (55 electoral points) gets won by a few votes, all the points would be given to one candidate himself. This is fair as the countries which have lower points would be ghost states as everyone goes to one of the big states so they can share what they think too. Places like Alaska (3 electoral points as well) would be forgotten about because no-one would want to live there anymore. U.S.A would be destroyed and changed. My final reason is that if a candidate is popular in California but not in Alaska, they would have a big advantage.

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