Should the age that you are allowed to vote be lowered?

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In America, and lots of other places, including the UK, you have to be eighteen or over to have a vote. But do you agree with this? Should you have the chance to vote if you are younger?

Yes, you should have the vote if you are under 18

In some cases, it is the future of the young people, that we are voting on. How is it fair they don't get a voice? They want people to know how they feel yet they can't do anything about it. Young people should have the chance to vote on their future. The issue that we are voting on is affecting everybody, not just over eighteens. Children have a different insight on issues and so should have the chance to show it. Another reason to give children or teenagers the right to vote is when more people make the most of this privilige, the wider range of opinions we get. There are more opitunities for everyone's opinion to get represented. My final reason is that is important to children to learn where they went wrong so they can learn from their mistakes.

No,you should only vote if you are over 18

No you should only vote if you are over 18 as young people do not always know what is good for them and what is not. They are too young to know what they will want in years to come. It is up to the adults that look after them to decide what they need. They may not know everything they need to about the candindets or the issue people are voting on. For a example, lets say the goverment had a vote on whether weekends should be 5 days, and school days only 2. How many children do you think would vote for 2 days of school? Would this be good for them? My final point is, how low do you want to lower the vote? Will we be taking babies to the polling station now? The younger children get, the less likely it is to get a better decision. Or, younger children may just follow their parents decision without finding out properly, their own.

My opinion.

I believe that it should be lowered 1 or 2 years but not any more than that as it is important for young people to be involved in some sort of political issue before they make their decisions in their life. I believe it should not be lowered more than that as young people do not understand all of the facts on the issue. They are just to young with not enough life experience! They may take interest but no further then that, this is to show that the have their open- minded own thoughts. If this law does take place, students or young teenagers need to go to polling stations or take interest in the news. But if young people, children especially, cannot vote in polling stations, where can they voice their opinions? Well, that's where the BNC comes in!

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