should you be able to vote in America even if you were not born there?

I believe that you should be able to vote even if you weren't born in the US.

I think this because there are many people who may be born in England and moved to America only a few months after they were born. This means they count America as there home and should have the chance to vote even though they were not born there.

There may be some people who have just come on holiday and tried to vote which is why I think there should be a test.

Even though some people who live in the US cant call it where they were born it doesnt mean they cant call it there home.

I understand why some people think its best if only people who were born there can vote but for people who count it as there home and werent born there it would be really frustrating when you are not allowed to help make a descion about the country you live in and call home.

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