Should you have to be born in America to be a candidate?

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Many people in America want to be their next leader, but should you have to come from America to partiscipate in the candidates?

Yes, you should have to come from America to participate in it.

Yes, you do have to come from America to become a candidate because if you have the idea how the country is run then you know how you can help. You wouldn’t know this however if you were born in a different country as the education, business and rules would be run differently. The rule is there as the country runs different from others and won’t like being turned into a sister country where the rules came from. If this rule does take place, people from all round the world will come in America to settle in it.

No, you can come from all round the world to be a candidate.

No, you can come from all round the world to participate in it as if people come from a different country they can get a idea for what the rules could be changed. If candidates come from different countries, people would begin to adapt to the new rules and learn how other countries deal with the activities. This would be a good idea as many people disagree or compare to other countries so if people had a good idea that this was a good way to live they could bring it to America. And that poor countries may look up to who came from them and is in the running for president.

My Opinion.

This is a hard decision as both seem unfair in different ways, but I think it is fine that people can come from different countries as they are still human and who knows that they might good ideas on their own. This is fair as it is fine for people of race, sex or nationality to come together, so why not attempt to run for it a well? My final reason is that if America begins that rule but then doesn’t like it, then go back to the original rule!

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