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In the comments can your write me why a job is important want is the job.

So like, I think the most important job is a cleaner because they clean the world and they save the planet. They know how to put things in the bin after thereslf.They are good people and they work hard.

I think the most important job is a president (king/ Queen)because they look after the world and look over us but as well as polices they care for us and if somthing bad going on,they help.

So in the comments I want to have some reasons why the job is important and what is the job.

I think the best job is to look after your life because when you are a small baby your mum/dad has to look after you but as you grow up, you look after yourself and when you go to school you mum is not there. You can choose what to do but I think you should do the best decision not the bad decision.

And also pick a good job but it is your opinion so you can choose

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