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Is this fair that there are only 2 candidates in the election? Why didn't anyone run for the election except them? Why haven't any females run for president? Are they scared to become a candidate? Find out the main idea here.

There have never been more than two candidates in the election. Why?

In politics, a two-party system is a system that involves two major parties that have citizens vote for them. There will be two votes, the main vote and then the vote where the candidates try to win states' votes. However, the main vote doesn't actually matter that much. Whoever gets the most entire states to vote for them will become the president of the USA.

Sometimes, there is actually a third party. But this is quite unlikely. Usually, the citizens vote for two parties who will vote for two major parties and then those two parties will try to win states' votes. Do you think this is fair or not?

There has never been a female president. Why is this?

The last time there was an election, it was against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If she was voted, Hillary would be the first ever female president. But unfortunately, Trump won even though she got more votes, Trump won the state vote. But there has never EVER been another female candidate or president in America. Is this fair? Comment down below.

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